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Nxcoms to partner with Faster Britain in Tameside

Committed to delivering connectivity into businesses, Nxcoms have partnered with Faster Britain to provide affordable dedicated leased lines

Around the UK, Faster Britain is utilising existing infrastructure to improve internet connections for businesses. With initiatives already underway in Nottingham and Bristol, Tameside is the latest location to be added to the list.

Where customers previously had to choose between affordable, but slow broadband, and pricey leased lines, now they can benefit from high-quality connectivity at a fraction of the cost. By making use of infrastructure, instead of building it from scratch, Faster Britain hopes overpriced dedicated leased lines will become a thing of the past.

As one of the most cost-effective suppliers of leased lines in the UK, Nxcoms have partnered with Faster Britain to make dedicated connections affordable to more businesses. Now almost any enterprise in Tameside can enjoy scalable speeds of up to 1Gb/s with guaranteed performance at all times without the high costs.

By switching from standard broadband to a direct fibre optic connection to the premises, businesses will not only boost productivity, but also ensure service continuity throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Andy Thompson, Director of Nxcoms, said “For many years, a lot of businesses have had to suffer with slow, unreliable broadband from a copper telephone line. Up until now, faster and more reliable connections using fibre-optic cable were seen as extremely expensive, especially to small business owners. Now, we finally have the means to connect these businesses to an existing fibre-optic network where the cost is around 30% of the usual price, but also delivered a matter of weeks rather than months”

Nxcoms are actively engaging with businesses in the Tameside area, and want to help as many business owners as possible to super-charge their network connectivity. If you’d be interested in finding out more information about the initiative or have a specific question about your business’ connectivity, visit

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