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What impact will iOS 15 have on the mobile phone industry?

With Apple announcing the release date and the features of their latest iOS 15 operating system, experts at online smartphone retailer,, have given their thoughts on the most eye-catching updates and the impact they will have on the mobile phone industry.

Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at said:

The announcement of the latest iOS system is always an intriguing moment for the mobile phone and consumer tech industry, with Apple often revealing improved features designed to really pique consumer interest.

After unveiling its new iOS 15 operating system at the 2021 WWDC event last week, we’ve highlighted what we believe to be the most impactful features.

Improved FaceTime and SharePlay

The ongoing pandemic has made people far more reliant on staying connected through video calls, with FaceTime being a particularly popular one among phone owners. Apple’s new improved FaceTime features, including a portrait mode and microphone modes to manage background noise, will really enhance the experience of chatting to friends and family.

The SharePlay feature is particularly interesting, as it’ll allow people to listen to music and watch videos at the same time as video calling, bringing FaceTime closer to the feeling of spending time with someone face to face.

New Notification Experience

Apple’s notification system appears to be undergoing a face lift with iOS 15, helping customers by prioritising notifications using on-device intelligence to remove the hassle of managing tasks and reminders.

The fact that non-urgent notifications will be automatically held back and saved for a more appropriate time will help people focus on urgent matters, ensuring that nothing gets missed, whilst the additional information available on the summary page, such as app icons or contacts photos, only serves to enhance the feature further.

Live Text

This feature, using on-device intelligence to pull written information off something like a textbook or hand-written list, is an innovative addition, and will make the process of collecting information as a digital version easier than ever before.

Having the ability to simply hover your camera over a cookbook or Wi-Fi info has the potential to save time and is a great introduction in terms of adding convenience for users.

New Privacy Features

Whilst the gadgets are often the centre of attention for any phone updates, arguable just as important is security and privacy, and Apple has introduced even more privacy controls to protect how user information is used.

With Siri requests being processed exclusively on iPhones, and the improved App Privacy Report highlighting how each app uses your data and which other domains they have contacted, customers can be confident their personal information is being handled safely and responsibly.

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