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Comms365 delivers ultimate in resilient connectivity for e-commerce giant Moonpig

Multi-network cellular Pre-Ethernet solution for new logistics facility retained and repurposed as failover solution to ensure always-on 24/7 connectivity.

The UK’s leading card & gift retailer Moonpig recently expanded its in-house operations by opening its first fulfilment centre in Tamworth, Staffordshire, with the new 120,000 square foot warehouse accommodating the expansion of the personalised gifting arm of the business.

To ensure a swift opening, Comms365 deployed an SD-One to provide an immediate interim on-site cellular connection and using its directional antennas, it allowed data to flow through the facility, so that Moonpig could commence training and testing.


“Upon opening the warehouse, it was important for the site to possess some level of connectivity so that we could commence testing and validation of the systems and data flows, as well as test/validate our operational processes.

The solution [Comms365] provided aligned perfectly with our needs and sufficiently enabled the new Tamworth site to begin operating in line with our proposed timings.” Jay Patel, IT & Security Director, Moonpig


Then, as traffic increased and the centre moved closer to full operation, Comms365 recommended a more robust multi-antenna solution in early December, to increase Moonpig’s resiliency and ability to operate unhindered, with Always-On Internet in place.

This was particularly important to prepare for the Christmas peak, where traffic and order volumes entering the Tamworth site would significantly increase, when even the shortest of outages could disrupt the warehouse’s essential operations.


“Our experience with Comms365 resulted in minimal downtime, with no significant disruptions to our business operations.

The team’s commitment to keeping us informed in real-time and offering support outside regular working hours was highly valuable, particularly for our factory facility which operates around the clock, seven days a week.” Jay Patel


Impressed by the quality of the work and customer support, even after the business’ primary internet provider installed the fixed internet lines into the site, Moonpig opted to repurpose the SD-ONE Always-On Internetsolution, ensuring permenant resilience via its multi-network cellular connectivity.

“Comms365 is delighted that we had the opportunity to support Moonpig and provide a temporary – now long-term – solution, providing them with the resilience and connectivity they need.” Matthew O’Flynn, Account Executive, Comms365

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