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A10 Networks Launches research in Mobile Telecoms Making Rapid Progress in 5G

A10 Networks yesterday launched a global study which highlights the progress of 5G deployment across telecoms market. “Toward a More Secure 5G World,” developed by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, in partnership with A10 Networks highlighted the percentage of mobile service providers who say their companies are “moving rapidly toward commercial deployment” has increased significantly in the past year, climbing from 26 percent in a survey announced in early 2019 to 45 percent. Virtually all surveyed respondents have said improved security is a critical network requirement and top concern in the 5G era.

The latest research has indicated that major mobile carriers around the world are on track with their 5G plans, and commercial build-outs will continue into the 2020 despite COVID-19 resulting in some short-term delays for operator. The report has also highlighted that the pandemic ultimately demonstrates a global need for higher speed and higher capacity 5G networks.

Some of the other key findings from the survey included.

  • 81% say industry progress toward 5G is moving rapidly, mostly in major markets, or is at least in line with expectations.
  • 71% expect to begin 5G network build-outs within 18 months, including one-third who have already begun or will do so in 2020.
  • 95% percent say virtualizing network functions is important to their 5G plans, and some three-quarters say their companies are either well on their way or making good progress toward virtualization.
  • 99% view deployment of mobile edge clouds as an important aspect of 5G networks, with 65% saying they expect edge clouds on their 5G networks within 18 months.

The report also highlighted security being a major challenge for 5G deployment with key uses cases outlined.


Challenges—the Security Mandate

The industry’s top 5G challenges:

  • Heavy cost of build-outs (59%)
  • Security of network (57%)
  • Need for new technical skills (55%)
  • Lack of 5G enabled devices (42%)

Importance of security to 5G

  • 99% rate security as important to their 5G planning, higher than even network reach and coverage or network capacity and throughput
  • 97% say increased traffic, connected devices and mission-critical use case significantly increase security and reliability concerns for 5G
  • 93% say their security investments are already being affected (52%) or are under review (41%) due to 5G requirements


Top Use Cases Expected to Power 5G Adoption

Next two years

  • Ultra-high-speed connectivity (81%)
  • Industrial automation & smart manufacturing (62%)
  • Smart cities (54%)
  • Connected vehicles

Next 5 to 6 years

  • Smart cities (62%)
  • Ultra-high-speed connectivity (59%)
  • Connected Vehicles (57%)
  • Industrial automation & smart manufacturing (42%)


The survey, which follows a study conducted last year by A10, shows that the number of operators who say they are making rapid progress toward 5G has climbed over the past 12 months with many operators already altering their investments in security technology and most others considering

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