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emporia partners with RNIB to introduce mobile phones for customers with sight loss

emporia telecom – the leading retiree mobile phone brand – is proud to announce it is working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The European telecoms company, which expanded in the UK and Ireland markets at the start of the year, is now working with the sight loss charity to make its products available for blind and partially sighted people. 


RNIB has already begun retailing emporia’s Comfort device, with an impending announcement of a bespoke ‘talking device’ later this year. This will be specifically developed for RNIB and it will be a customised adaptation of one of emporia’s existing intuitive and easy-to-use feature phones.

About the emporiaCOMFORT

This elegant flip mobile phone is the perfect device for those struggling with their vision. With a large, clear 2.4” display screen, a torch feature, great contrast between key colours and background, large tactile buttons with defined pressure point and large text; it makes the mobile handling experience much easier for customers. Like all emporia devices, it is hearing aid compatible, and has an emergency assistance button on the back for confidence and peace of mind.

Jacqui Mackinnon, Sensory Sales Consultant at emporia comments: “Working with an organisation like RNIB on such a close level allows us to access insight and expertise that will enhance and develop our devices for those with sight loss. This is the start of working with RNIB and there will be exciting developments along the way; with our first talking device later this financial year. We’re excited to introduce a new product to the vision impaired channel in the UK.”

RNIB will retail the emporiaCOMFORT for £70 inc VAT. For more information visit 

Jennie Mather, Senior Retail Products Manager at RNIB said: “emporia is focused on creating products that are easy to use and accessible, which is perfect for blind and partially sighted people. It’s very exciting to be able to work closely with a brand like emporia to further evolve its devices and really tailor features in its upcoming ‘talking phone’ specifically for people with sight loss.”

Chris Millington, the UK and Ireland MD of emporia adds: “The reality of ageing is that most of us will naturally experience dexterity issues by age 66+, and many of us will encounter presbyopia where their eyes will have a gradual loss of short distance focus, requiring reading glasses. We already know and adapt our devices to mirror this for our senior demographic with hearing aid compatibility, larger font, clear screens, and emergency call buttons across our phone portfolio. 

“But for blind and partially sighted people, an adapted device is key and critical to quality of life and communication. This is why we’re really excited to work with RNIB, so their members and audience benefit from our adapted devices; and even more so with the future products we have in the pipeline.”

For more information on emporia’s products, please visit:  

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