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Truespeed introduces a stream of ultrafast full fibre broadband packages

Truespeed today announced that it is now offering customers a choice of five ultrafast full fibre broadband packages on its Gigabit-capable network. With prices starting at £29.99 per month for the 80Mbps plan and rising to £69.99 for 900Mbps, there is a package for everyone. The competitively priced £49.99 350Mbps plan is expected to prove the most popular, appealing to busy families and the growing WFH brigade.

All Truespeed’s packages offer customers guaranteed and symmetrical upload/download speeds 24/7 because Truespeed lays a dedicated fibre optic cable right to every customer’s door. This contrasts with some full fibre providers who split the optical cable between households, resulting in latency issues and ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds rather than ‘guaranteed’ speeds.

The five Truespeed packages are:

Truespeed 900Mbps – Priced at £69.99 per month, this is the ultimate plan for data-hungry households, avid gamers, small businesses and home workers, where simultaneous streaming, uploading and downloading across multiple devices is a must-have. For home workers, accessing cloud-based tools and joining video calls works like a dream, while gamers benefit from the ultimate in low latency. Downloading a 4K movie takes just 3.5 minutes with Truespeed’s 900Mbps service, compared to a whopping 1.5 hours on a 50Mbps connection.

Truespeed 500Mbps – At £59.99 per month, this is an ideal choice for home office workers who spend a lot of their time online, and for households requiring ultra-low latency for gaming, e-sports and streaming appointment-to-view events such as Premier League matches.

Truespeed 350Mbps – Poised to become Truespeed’s most popular plan, at just £49.99 per month it offers excellent value for money for busy families and home workers. There is more than enough bandwidth to handle multiple devices being connected at the same time. Kids can stream HD movies or game with friends online while parents are on glitch-free Zoom calls with colleagues. The guaranteed upload speed of 350Mbps makes it at least 25 times faster than the average UK upload speed, which according to Ofcom is currently between 7.2Mbps-14Mbps.

Truespeed 200Mbps – This is Truespeed’s original multi award-winning residential package, which has been priced at £47.50 since day one. Already relied upon by thousands of delighted customers, it is great for a family of four, and for anyone who works from home on an occasional basis.

Truespeed 80Mbps – At just £29.99 per month, this affordable entry level plan provides full fibre connectivity, guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speeds and great customer care.

All plans include unlimited broadband usage, telephone line and no price rises while in contract. All contracts are for an 18 month minimum term, include free installation and no activation fee. For more information, visit

Evan Wienburg, Truespeed CEO, said, “We’ve launched these new packages to provide consumers with more choice. With plans from 80Gbps to 900Mbps there is now a package to suit every one of our growing band of customers – from small households through to avid gamers, boxset streamers, large families and busy home workers.”

Henry West, Truespeed Commercial Director, added, “With so many people now working from home and a surge in the use of streaming services, there is a growing realisation that not all fibre broadband services are fast or reliable enough to go the distance. Fortunately, with every Truespeed plan, customers get a dedicated Gigabit-capable fibre optic cable to their home, which means they can rely on getting the ultrafast symmetrical upload/download speeds they pay for at all times.”

Truespeed is focused on connecting communities and all types of organisations located in harder to reach areas of the south-west underserved by the national broadband providers. The firm’s community ethos also extends to providing free broadband for life to local community hubs passed by its network.

About Truespeed

Founded in 2014, Truespeed is based in Bath and delivers full fibre broadband to hard to reach homes and businesses. By building a brand new infrastructure, the firm is able to deliver 10 gigabit-capable full fibre broadband directly into premises, providing a high-performance, highly reliable connection, and future-proofed connectivity. In 2017, Truespeed secured a £75 million investment from Aviva Investors. To learn more visit


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