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Bandwidth IG – Colovore Bring New Network Solutions to Northern California

Unique connectivity options available to Silicon Valley through the new Bandwidth IG/ Colovore partnership

Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG), a metro dark fiber network provider in Northern California and Greater Atlanta serving mission critical data centers, hyperscalers and enterprises with high capacity, dark fiber, announces a new partnership with Colovore, the Bay Area’s leading provider of high-performance colocation services.

The Colovore data center is optimized for the deployment of High Performance Computing (HPC), AI, and Big Data server infrastructure and applications. The facility utilizes liquid cooling which is ideal given the high power and cooling requirements of these dense servers. Colovore and its customers will benefit from Bandwidth IG’s dark fiber solutions, which are differentiated from other carrier partners in terms of their market coverage, pricing, scalability and flexibility.

“Colovore welcomes Bandwidth IG and its high-performance, cost-effective and very scalable dark fiber connectivity solutions to our data center,” says Ben Coughlin, Co-Founder of Colovore. “Our customers can utilize Bandwidth IG’s network to accommodate a number of their connectivity requirements in the Silicon Valley.”

Together, Colovore and Bandwidth IG provide a distinct and highly differentiated solution. Customers deploying powerful, modern HPC, AI, and Big Data server infrastructure require a specific data center environment engineered to support the high power and cooling requirements of that infrastructure as offered by Colovore. This external colocation space requires scalable and flexible network connections to link back to the company headquarters or other data center(s) which house the main IT servers. Bandwidth IG provides the high capacity, strategic, dark fiber networks needed to support the bandwidth throughput and low latency required to optimize the data transfers and processing of these applications.

“Along with Colovore, we are able to address the growing trend in Silicon Valley with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies who are deploying increasing HPC/AI server infrastructure while requiring high capacity, low latency connectivity between the new data center environment and existing IT footprints elsewhere,” said Jim Nolte, CEO for Bandwidth IG. “This requirement for high-throughput, low latency networks is a large and rapidly-growing segment of the IT infrastructure marketplace that we are pleased to be able to address through this partnership with Colovore.”

To connect with the team at Bandwidth IG or to learn more, reach out here.

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