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Telia Carrier Expands Dutch Network with New PoP in Smartdc, Rotterdam

Telia Carrier announced today that it has further expanded access to its global IP backbone with an additional PoP (Point of Presence) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Located in Smartdc, it connects into the existing Amsterdam network and via a separate link directly to Brussels, ensuring full route diversity.

The Smartdc data centre in Rotterdam is the largest in the Zuid-Holland province and has been recognized at the FD Gazellen Awards for demonstrating high growth and innovative entrepreneurship. Its customers can be found in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and online gaming, or wherever there is a need to reach end users, services and resources across the globe, with low latency, high speed and consistent reliability. Through Telia Carrier, Smartdc will be able to provide its customers with direct access to the world’s #1 ranked Internet backbone (according to Dyn Research), spanning more than 120 cities in 35 countries worldwide.

“In partnership with Telia Carrier, we agreed that this PoP, operating with full diversity from Amsterdam, would add tremendous value to the Dutch market due to the success and response to Telia Carrier’s existing PoPs in The Netherlands. Having direct access to Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone ensures that Smartdc customers can give their end-users and business partners the best possible experience, against a backdrop of constantly escalating IP traffic volumes,” said Richard Boogaard, Managing Director of Smartdc.

The 100GE enabled PoP in Rotterdam marks the first Telia Carrier expansion in The Netherlands outside the Amsterdam metro area where the company already has 12 PoPs. With direct connections to both Amsterdam and Brussels, it will facilitate access to Telia Carrier’s AS1299 network with full redundancy.

“Digital transformation is evolving at lightning speed and as a leading global Tier 1 carrier, we are at the centre of it. Following the events of 2020, we are seeing unprecedented growth in demand and multi-regional presence is more important than ever. We continue to expand our network worldwide and are moving ever closer to the edge, serving a wide range of industries with mission-critical connectivity. Our new PoP at Smartdc in Rotterdam is a perfect example of this,” said Christoph Lannert, Head of EMEA Sales at Telia Carrier.

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