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Telia Carrier partners with Flexential to boost connectivity in Denver

Telia Carrier today announced that it has extended its partnership with Flexential, a leading provider of data centre colocation, cloud and connectivity launching a new Point of Presence (PoP) at Flexential’s Aurora Colorado location. The partnership will allow Flexential’s customers to take advantage of Telia Carrier’s fibre backbone and connectivity providing cloud, application, content providers and Enterprise customers with new diverse routes and capacity at Terabit scale.

The partnership and expansion allow existing Flexential customers in the region access to a new Telia Carrier route. This route provides a direct path from Denver to Omaha, Des Moines and Chicago, which bypasses carrier hotels, saving expense and reducing latency. The path adds diversity and redundancy to existing fibre pathways, enhancing connectivity and delivering Telia Carrier’s signature levels of low latency and high availability.

This announcement is a part of Telia Carrier’s network expansion in the Silicon Prairie region.

“By combining our strength in infrastructure and existing backbone technology with Telia Carrier’s global reach, we are able to offer customers in the Denver metro area connections outside the region via a diverse route at a lower cost and without reliance on a downtown carrier hotel,” said Ryan Mallory, COO Colocation and Interconnection, Flexential. “This new fibre route will drive significant reductions in latency and expanded interconnection options that are typically not available in a primarily rural area. We look forward to the continued growth of our long-term partnership with Telia Carrier.”

“Telia Carrier is excited to provide unique, diverse connectivity options supporting the demand to connect major markets and enable regional edge performance at scale,” said Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business and Network Development, Telia Carrier. “We are excited to continue to grow the local ecosystem connectivity working with Flexential and our AS1299 internet backbone providing a trusted customer experience to application, cloud and content performance. The new connectivity enabled by Telia Carrier, makes Flexential’s Denver presence an ideal fit for large enterprises seeking direct access to private cloud, hyperscale content or live video collaboration with a cost-effective, high-quality interconnection.”

Businesses in Denver and the Aurora area of Colorado can now take advantage of Telia Carrier’s 400G, 100G and 10G Wavelength services in addition to their number one ranked global backbone, AS1299, as well as the local availability of high-speed IP TransitCloud ConnectDDoS MitigationEthernet and IPX services for operators, content providers and enterprises alike


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