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Cambium Networks, a Technology Provider for Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi Platform, Expands Resources for Service Providers

Cambium Networks and Express Wi-Fi enable service providers and operators to connect the unconnected

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced special pricing and new resources for service providers deploying Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi platform. Express Wi-Fi is an end-to-end, Software-as-a-Service platform that helps mobile, satellite operators and internet service providers manage their Wi-Fi networks and services, including helping them build, grow, operate, and monetize their network services in a sustainable and scalable way. The Express Wi-Fi platform is being used in more than 30 countries, connecting millions of people around the world.

As an official channel partner for the Express Wi-Fi platform, Cambium Networks enhances the services it provides its customers by working with service providers to accelerate Express Wi-Fi deployments. In 2020, Cambium Networks announced work with Tizeti Network Limited to expand the use of Express Wi-Fi in Africa. “We are able to deploy very affordable plans,” said Kendall Ananyi, Founder and CEO at Tizeti Network Limited, Nigeria’s leading public Wi-Fi operator. “We are able to achieve that by using very capital efficient equipment from Cambium Networks. Express Wi-Fi and Cambium Networks technology opened up a new market of subscribers, and we’ve now been able to connect more than two million users through Express Wi-Fi.”

The Express Wi-Fi platform can be offered by Cambium Networks distributors supporting service providers in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and parts of Asia. The Cambium Networks Express Wi-Fi engagements include connectivity for public access, education and small to medium enterprises. The Express Wi-Fi program is available to:
● Mobile Network Operators (MNO) looking to empower local business units to tailor solutions to their markets
● Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) seeking to enhance mobile plan offering with Wi-Fi hotspot access
● Internet Service Providers creating communities with Wi-Fi hotspots to complement residential service
● VSAT Internet Service Providers reaching remote locations with accessible Wi-Fi

“Expanding Wi-Fi access is a key element of enabling better, broader global connectivity,” said David Botha, Connectivity Partnerships, Facebook. “The Express Wi-Fi platform enables service providers and operators to deliver great Wi-Fi that is both affordable for their customers and sustainable for their businesses. Our Express Wi-Fi partnership with Cambium Networks is critical to bringing faster, higher-quality and more affordable Wi-Fi to people around the world.”

“With the Express Wi-Fi platform, we’ve seen how expanded connectivity can rapidly transform communities by connecting people and empowering local businesses,” said Daran Hermans, director of product line management, Cambium Networks. “Cambium Networks provides a complete wireless fabric of fixed wireless broadband, Wi-Fi and centralized cloud management that can be rapidly deployed to improve any community.”
Cambium Networks Express Wi-Fi Service Providers will now receive:
● Minimize the cost to get started with special pricing on evaluation equipment
● Special Wi-Fi pricing for Express Wi-Fi deployments
● Cambium Care Pro technical support on access point and Express Wi-Fi setup, testing and operations
● Free access to training materials

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