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env0 Extends Infrastructure as Code Automation Platform with Custom Flows

Industry-First Advancement Delivers Endless Extensibility for All Popular Third-Party Tools Throughout Deployment Processes

env0, a provider of automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments, today announced its advanced Infrastructure as Code Automation Platform with all-new Custom Flows feature. As part of a larger Q2/2021 platform update, the addition of Custom Flows stands out as unique in the infrastructure automation category for enabling endless extensibility into nearly all third-party continuous delivery tools.


Recognized as one of the leading workflow management platforms for Terraform, Terragrunt and other Infrastructure as Code (IaC) environments, the latest software enhancements take infrastructure automation platforms to the next level. Leading the updates introduced today is the addition of Custom Flows, a premier feature that enables seamless integration with the broadest range of preferred CD tools. With this release, DevOps engineers are able to choose the tools they need, however and whenever they are required. These may include Terrascan for security configuration checks; Chef or Puppet for configuration management after the deployment; shipping logs to an aggregating tool like Splunk; performing API offloads to Service Now, or any number of other tools for project-specific tasks.


“DevOps professionals need to get their applications deployed in a more dynamic, timely and cost-effective manner,” said Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst, Small World Big Data. “env0 is focused on increasing DevOps efficiency and control with the addition of Custom Flows, enabling their customers to work with the widest array of tools including Python, G Cloud, Ansible, CloudFormation and more.”


Additional benefits of this update include taking many of the post-deployment operational tasks such as security checks and budget checks and shifting them left into the continuous delivery process so that they are no longer a manual checklist item. Instead, they become part of the deployment orchestration. As a result, operational efficiency is greatly increased for both the DevOps engineer and the business – accelerating time to market and revenue for mission critical projects.


Several other additions to the Q2/2021 update include deep integration with Bitbucket Server by Atlassian which adds continuous deployment and plan on pull requests. Also featured in this release is integration with Module Registry, allowing users to save all of their modules in a single location so they can be quickly recalled for other deployments. It also gives DevOps professionals the ability to easily save, access and run infrastructure with verified and/or community modules required for current and future deployments.


“DevOps isn’t about going out and buying one tool that does everything for you, it’s about finding best-of-breed tools that are optimal for your project,” said Omry Hay, CTO for env0. “The env0 Infrastructure Automation Platform with Custom Flows allows the DevOps community to do just that, but in a significantly more efficient way.”

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