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Millions of UK premises have access to fibre broadband but don’t use it

Broadband champions revealed millions of households and businesses across the UK are sitting on a superfast speed goldmine but don’t even know it.

A total of 36.4% of around 34 million UK premises are capable of receiving speeds of one gigabit per second.

But co-founder of Nathan Hill-Haimes said industry estimates are that only 25% of those households and businesses opt for the services.

Nathan said: “I am surprised that take-up is so low when such high speeds are available on the doorstep in some parts of the country.

“I suspect that people just don’t know what is on offer and maybe think this kind of service is out of their price range, but with a bit of shopping around people will find there are some great deals out there from a variety of providers.

“Lockdown and the predicted continuation of working from home makes a fast internet connection essential rather than the luxury it used to be.”

Nathan pointed out that a good fibre broadband deal is not always the cheapest, fastest or the one with the most extras, but something that suits your home, workspace or office – in short it is all about what you need and keeping this in mind and not being blinded by special offers.

Nathan added: “Think about what it is you really need. For example, if you only use your broadband to access your work emails or banking app, the definition of a good broadband deal might equate to the cheapest one you can find.

“But if you spend a lot of time on Instagram, have Netflix on constantly in the background, or your children are streaming videos about LOL dolls, a brilliant broadband deal should boast a decent connection and snappy broadband speeds.

“The best fibre broadband deal depends on how you use the internet. And if a fibre broadband checker tool or salesperson tells you otherwise, then they’re just trying to make a sale out of you.

“There’s no one size fits all. It works in your favour to do the research before you buy as you may be paying over the odds for things you don’t need and even better you may even be sitting on a superfast goldmine you didn’t even know about.”

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