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Telecoms and property specialists join forces to accelerate ultrafast broadband roll-out on the Isle of Wight

Established property agent Island Lettings has joined forces with telecoms legal specialist Trenches Law, to support the faster roll-out of ultrafast full fibre connectivity on the Isle of Wight.

The collaboration came about when the two organisations began discussing the Island’s broadband challenges and opportunities, at a Chamber of Commerce members’ meeting.

Trenches Law works alongside Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to help overcome the obstacles that commonly stall the roll-out of ultrafast fibre infrastructures – not least wayleave permissions when access to private land is required. Acknowledging that many residents would benefit significantly from faster connectivity, Island Lettings therefore stepped in to help streamline the communication with landlords.

Now, working in close partnership, Island Lettings introduces Trenches Law to property owners in an attempt to facilitate what needs to happen next.

Commenting on the relationship, Island Letting’s managing director Mark Burton, who has spearheaded the collaboration, said: “I think we’re all aware of the advantages of faster internet connectivity – there was a time when it was a luxury, but now it’s a default requirement from the majority of tenants. However, network operators still encounter challenges – in both urban and rural areas – when it comes to installing new telecoms services on private land.

“We’ve therefore joined forces with Trenches Law to smoothen the process for the benefit of all stakeholders. This should translate into a better level of service for both our tenants and landlords – not to mention the ongoing future-proofing of the Isle of Wight’s connectivity.”

“This relationship really highlights the power of teamwork in the property and communications space,” added Carole Lee, wayleave liaison manager at Trenches Law. “Island Lettings is enhancing the quality – not to mention value – of the properties in its portfolio, tenants benefit from ultrafast broadband which is in particularly high demand right now, and the network operators we represent can press on with their ambitious build programmes as planned.

“I look forward to seeing the difference that this partnership will continue to make.”

Island Lettings has in excess of 600 properties in its portfolio. A £90m project – led by WightFibre – is already well underway, with a target in place to provide 60,000 of the Island’s premises with access to a gigabit-capable full fibre network, by the end of 2022.

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