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Home Insight Platform Identifies Cause of Facebook Outage for Telecom/ISP Providers

Veego Software highlighted the findings of a sophisticated feature in the Veego Home Insight Platform that delivers context-aware alerts related to system, device, Web application and network downtime. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence, the company automatically notified service providers of the Facebook outage this week, including the specific reasons for the downtime so that service providers could accurately notify customers.

With multiple Web platforms suffering lengthy outages over the past several days, the application downtime has resulted in a surge in customer support calls to service providers focused on managing both the outage and upset customers who reliably pin the cause on the service provider.

Telcos and other service providers with the Veego platform deployed have provided details about the incident to Veego. These reports included details on the huge rise incoming call center calls as soon as the applications went down and lowered after Facebook’s public announcement regarding the downtime. Veego had diagnosed that there was a server problem at the organization and notified ISPs and consumers using the Veego Self-Care App, a new application provided to end customers by the service provider.

Recently announced, the Veego intelligent Self-Care app enables non-technical home internet users to view the current and forecasted status of their devices and Internet sessions and to apply recommended quick fixes that proactively improve the user experience.

The Facebook outage resulted in 3X more ISP service calls than were typically the case. ISPs throughout the world were scrambling to identify and comprehend the malfunction.  The Veego solution can distinguish and identify the root-cause of breakdowns such as these, and if implemented by the ISP/telco and customer, could have saved precious time and money lost to service congestion, potential frustration by customers and even churn. Moreover, the Veego Self-care Mobile App would have proactively pushed out a real-time notification indicating that the malfunction was not connected with the user’s ISP.

The Veego Self-care Mobile app identifies the actual source of Quality of Experience problems and eliminates the need for many of the most common customer calls to the CSP’s Customer Care department.

According to Denis Sirov, Veego’s CTO, “By running our breakthrough AI-based platform, CSPs would have been able to proactively reach out to customers and prevent the massive volume of calls that came in to report the outage.” Sirov added. “We hope that more ISP customers will use our Self-Care App in order to understand, as early as possible, the Root Cause of any malfunction or disruption they face while consuming home internet services.”





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