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73% of telco subscribers would be open to trying a browser provided by their mobile operator

Users report high levels of trust with mobile operators; telcos can use this trust to access new revenue streams

New research from eyeo, the company behind the market-leading ad-filtering technology that powers Adblock Plus, Adblock and Adblock Browser, has found that 73% of telco subscribers would be willing to try a browser if it was provided by their telco operator. The results of the survey also suggest that users harbor a strong sense of loyalty and trust for their provider, which telcos can leverage to evolve their offerings, further improve user experience, and access new revenue streams through areas such as advertising.

The survey gathered responses from over 1,500 telco subscribers worldwide, and sought to gain a better understanding of the relationship between mobile users and their providers.

The research also found that 62% of users currently use apps provided by their mobile operator, with 80% of users reporting a positive experience when engaging with these apps. This level of close engagement with their provider is further seen in the finding that 25% of respondents make the most of offers or promotions from their operators, covering areas such as the provision of films, TV or games.

The good news for telco providers is that this engagement seems to be translating into long-term customer loyalty: 58% of users said they have been with their mobile operator for two years or longer, and 45% said they would recommend their provider to a friend or colleague.

Commenting on the findings, Alec Gramont, Senior Director of Telecom Partnerships at eyeo said: “The results of the survey are encouraging for telcos, given the high amount of user trust and loyalty, and willingness from subscribers to try out apps offered by their mobile provider.

“It has long been the case that telcos lack a point of difference in their offerings. Users often don’t feel compelled to change providers because most offer the same service at similar price points. However, the data shows that the potential exists for brave, disruptive telcos to establish that point of difference and make significant headway in a saturated market.

“Offering their own  browser is one potential route for telcos to take. In doing so they could offer users an improved browsing experience, for example by integrating basic browser capabilities with promotions, special offers or access to exclusive customized content. Crucially, they could also capitalize on revenue from advertising, as long as they embrace responsible, nonintrusive ads that support the user experience rather than damage it. 

“The first telcos to take steps to diversify are the ones that will reap the rewards. Now is the time to be innovative. By giving loyal customers something new, mobile operators can ensure they’ll stand out from the crowd for the foreseeable future,” Gramont concluded.

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