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Truespeed survey reveals lifetime of internet possibilities but ongoing broadband frustration

A new survey commissioned by Bath-based Truespeed reveals that the average Brit will spend the equivalent of just over three years of their life on video calls for work. According to the Lifetime of Internet survey conducted by OnePoll, checking emails amounts to a total of two years and four months over the average adult lifetime, while checking social media accounts a further three years.

The study also found that 38 per cent are already online by 8am on an average day, while 20 per cent don’t log off until after 11pm.

Despite this heavy reliance on the internet, only around a third of adults (36 per cent) enjoy a very reliable home broadband connection. Unsurprisingly, 42 per cent experience problems with their connection at least once a week.

According to the poll, adults waste on average an hour every working week waiting for online applications or documents to load online at home. The nation is also only prepared to wait up to 23 seconds on average for something to load on the internet before losing patience.

Evan Wienburg, CEO of ultrafast full fibre broadband provider Truespeed, said: “It’s clear that a fast and ultra-reliable broadband connection for every home is essential if we are to keep pace with people’s online needs – including working from home and leisure time. And that this should not be a postcode lottery. Ensuring everyone, regardless of their location, has access to ultrafast, full fibre, highly reliable broadband connectivity will be a national gamechanger. At Truespeed we are working hard to ensure people in the South West of England have sufficient fibre-optic broadband fizz to see them through their Internet lifetime.”

About Truespeed

Founded in 2014, Truespeed is based in Bath and delivers full fibre broadband to hard to reach homes and businesses. By building a brand new infrastructure, the firm is able to deliver 10 gigabit-capable full fibre broadband directly into premises, providing a high-performance, highly reliable connection, and future-proofed connectivity. In 2017, Truespeed secured a £75 million investment from Aviva Investors. To learn more visit

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