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Faster Broadband highlights inaccurate speed results from the U.K.’s largest ISP

The UK price comparison website FasterBroadband are beating the drum against BT, the U.K.’s largest internet provider.

Their aim is to raise awareness of the inaccuracy of the BT’s speed test facility.

Despite reporting the problem to them nearly 2 years ago, a spokesman for the comparison site said:

“BT’s speed test continues to churn out wildly inaccurate, variable results, misleading UK consumers. The example video on reveals that test speeds were artificially inflated by 296% – and this was just a small sample for demonstrative purposes! Now that Plusnet are under the same umbrella as BT, they too direct their customers to the same, inaccurate speed test. As the BT Group are the UK’s largest ISP, the scope for the quantity of misinformation that they’re generating is huge!”

The company shared the test results they observed when using the site:

1st test results – Using a 30Mbps fixed wired connection

  • Firefox on MacOS – 30.45Mbps download
  • Safari on MacOS – 43.35Mbps download
  • Google Chrome on MacOS – 0.00Mbps download

2nd test results – Using a 30Mbps fixed wired connection

  • Firefox on MacOS – Failed no response
  • Safari on MacOS – 119.81Mbps download
  • Google Chrome on MacOS – 30.88Mbps download

The spokesman continued:

“BT have been deceiving customers for nearly 2 years by providing an extremely inaccurate speed test facility. Our 30Mbps broadband managed to achieve 119Mbps according to BT.

“This facility is not fit for purpose & consumers would be better to use other, neutral speed tests such as

You can learn more about this here:

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