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Veego Announces Qonnect Partner Program to Advance AI-Powered Connected Home Network Quality, Customer Care and More

Veego Software has announced the Qonnect Partner Program, aimed at CPE OEMs and ODMs, WiFi management and optimization solution providers, middleware, and other players in the connected home ecosystem. The new Veego program is a collaboration framework where partners join forces to provide advanced digitally transformative solutions for the connected home. It will combine Veego’s cutting edge products, technology and unique QoE data, with the partners’ solutions and intimate customer understanding.

Veego Qonnect enables program participants to leverage their customer base and products; providing customers with early exposure and hands-on experience of new products, technologies and applications, accelerating time to market of new technologies and applications through pre-integration, testing and demonstration, increasing and expanding monetization opportunities for both in-home and 3rd-party offerings. It also enables partners to enjoy recurring revenues from high-margin applications powered by Veego’s unique Application Intelligence data.

With Qonnect, Veego partners provide their CSP customers with “off the shelf” and custom-designed solutions for a variety of advanced Customer Care, Customer Experience, Network Quality, Marketing and other customer journeys and use cases. These include:


  • Proactive Notification of home users in real time to address connectivity problems and filter irrelevant complaints and issues,


  • Prioritization of consumed application within the home, deflection of tech-support calls with surgical Auto-Repair and Self-Care, optimizing QoE per each app’s connectivity needs,


  • Optimization of tech-support field visits, pinpointing problems and efficacy of solutions implemented, upsell opportunities focused on personalization of each home based on actual consumption and usage of applications, experience, and needs – Best-fit internet package (e.g., for gamers, video-streamers), appropriate hardware (e.g. powerful router, extender, mesh), and


  • Recognition of consistently suffering users before they call or churn.


Veego Qonnect creates immense value for its partners through technology leadership, product differentiation and commercial execution, leading to long-term customer engagements. This includes access to cutting edge, unique technologies and solutions. The company’s core technology is “seeded” and leveraged to address up-to-date customer trends and the future-proof platform supports future use cases for the evolving market and customer needs. With Veego, partners can create a growing portfolio of app-aware applications and monetization opportunities, while increasing customer stickiness. Furthermore, the platform generates great business value through recurring revenue models.

Veego Qonnext provides several collaboration avenues, including certification and sales enablement, reselling partnerships and Technology OEM.  According to Amir Kotler, CEO of Veego, “The new program opens access to a collaboration framework where program partners can join forces with us to provide advanced digital transformation solutions to Connected Homes in their respective service areas. The solutions will combine Veego’s Home Insight Platform with unique QoE data and partner solutions to provide a more intimate customer understanding.”

Lisa Baker is Group Editor for the Need to See IT Publishing Group. Lisa writes about HR, Technology, Health, the Environment and Business.
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