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RtBrick More Than Doubles Number of Subscribers That Can be Serviced by Single Open Switch

RtBrick has raised the bar on the number of broadband subscribers that can be delivered from white-box hardware. RtBrick has achieved this increase in performance by optimising the system resources on the underlying silicon and taking advantage of a new iteration of its RBFS software, known as RBFS Essentials.

Using bare-metal switches based on the latest Broadcom Qumran2C chipsets, RtBrick’s software can now terminate as many as seventy-five thousand subscribers on a single device, slashing the hardware costs associated with delivering broadband services. By comparison, conventional routers are limited to about thirty thousand subscribers on similar sized platforms, which usually cost far more.

“This is a big shift in the economics of the broadband industry,” said Pravin S Bhandarkar, founder and chief executive officer at RtBrick. “Some of our customers require complex service profiles, which come with performance and cost implications on the hardware. But many other operators just want to deliver high-speed internet services at low-cost. With white-box hardware and RtBrick’s new RBFS Essentials software, these operators can now deliver broadband services at huge scale using a BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) that costs far less than conventional systems.”

RtBrick’s BNG software was recently selected by the TIP OpenBNG initiative, against criteria defined by five Tier-1 carriers: BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia Mobile and Vodafone, and has already been deployed in Deutsch Telekom’s production broadband network. Deutsch Telekom is the largest telecoms operator in Europe.

To learn more about RtBrick’s pioneering approach to networking and the latest features of its open routing software, visit

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