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realme Retains its Top 4 Smartphone Brand position in Europe 2022 Q1, ranking above Top 5 in 11 European countries

realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand in Europe, retained its position in the top 4 smartphone brands in the European market with an impressive 177% annual growth as of Q1 2022, ranking in the top 5 brands for 11 European countries, based on the latest report from Canalys.

In Western Europe, realme remained resilient with 377% growth, supported by strong performance in France, Germany, Italy and Spain with 443%, 2809%, 352% and 223% annual growth respectively. realme consolidated its position in the top 5 in all four countries by extending brand partnerships and providing compelling offers to customers.

In Central and Eastern Europe, realme held its position in the top 4, notably in Poland where realme beat Apple to the top 3 spot once again. realme maintained promising performance in Czech, Greece and Slovenia, ranking within the top 4 in each country.

realme has been active in Europe during the first quarter of 2022, launching the first realme 9 Pro Series along with its “All in 5G” strategy, introducing its first premium smartphone, the flagship GT 2 Series, announcing the world’s fastest charging consumer smartphone, the GT NEO 3, and building its  “1+5+T” AIOT strategy alongside sustainability initiatives with Treedom at MWC.

With realme 9 Series and realme GT NEO 3 Series in the pipeline for Europe in Q2 2022, you can definitely expect more from realme in the months to come.


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