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Ways Business Owners Can Use Their Mobiles for Greater Productivity

In the modern-day, technology continues to have an ever-greater presence in the day-to-day lives of people, impacting more areas of their lives as time goes on.

The capabilities offered by technology in its increasing range of applications look to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of one of any number of processes that are significant during a person’s day, whether to do with their home life, education, friends, or increasingly, work.

One of the technologies that have revolutionized modern society is the mobile phone – with the devices going from simplistic but highly effective telecommunications devices to the modern-day pocket computers that have highly powerful capabilities allowing them to complete a huge range of functions that have a significant impact on a person’s day to day life.

Technology, and the applications of that technology, are great for businesses. In a world where efficiency, either a surplus or a lack of it, can have large ramifications for the fortunes of a business in either the short or long term, tech such as smartphones are now so ingrained within business operations that their removal would have a devastating impact on the majority of companies today.

Despite the fact that smartphones are clearly a highly effective tool when it comes to a multitude of business operations, the transition never happens overnight – and it’s still taking some time for the full potential of mobile devices to be unlocked in the workplace, so entrenched to using computers the average workforce can be.

Read on to find out more about the ways that business owners can optimize their business operations through the use of mobile phones and how using mobile phones provide very specific functions that could benefit businesses hugely.

Stay connected to your team

One of the most powerful functions that technology brings to the productivity of a business owner is the ability to always stay connected to your team.

Often, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to head out for meetings with clients, network with community members, and take on otherwise unallocated tasks that involve being away from your desk for long periods of time – meaning that during particularly busy periods, it can be easy to feel somewhat disconnected from the heartbeat of your business’s operations.

Without effective communication with your team back in the office, operations that require your opinions or sign-offs could be delayed or moved to the bottom of the pile, while the business owner won’t be able to provide other valuable qualities.

Thankfully, with the modern mobile, not only is it possible to call your team members in the traditional way but there are also far more efficient and intuitive ways to stay in regular and effective contact.

High-quality phone cameras and high-speed public internet mean that no matter where owner responsibilities take you, you’ll be able to catch up face to face with one or more team members, meaning they don’t miss out as much on the lack of your presence in the office.

There are now purpose-built business instant messaging systems built on the premise of enabling effective communication throughout your team, such as Slack, with channel functionality that makes catching up and contributing to all projects and teams extremely easy.

Always access files

Alongside the rise of smartphones and other advanced technology have been the advancements in the software that is used on them – especially in recent years, with the rise of cloud-based software. This has had a huge impact on the storage of data and files across the board, with the vast majority of modern businesses now utilizing some sort of cloud storage functionality.

This has huge ramifications for productivity in the workplace, especially when it comes to the all-action role of a business owner who cannot always be at their desk with their main PC and hard drive.

Of course, all competent businesses should have their files backed up on secure servers, but when it comes to general files that are needed in order to complete daily business operations, having a dedicated and organized cloud storage space for everyone to post important documents and files will lead to vastly increased efficiency of business processes.

It certainly means that there is no longer a need to carry around a portable storage device such as a USB stick or worry about files being faxed, damaged, or otherwise out of your reach at any given moment. However, the elimination of the need for files to be sent around multiple emails, printed, and be collected in the appropriate categories is a significant benefit indeed.

Apps to schedule and organize

While smartphones are very much known for their ability to distract due to their extensive entertainment capabilities, they’re not just good for gaming apps such as 32 Red casino phone edition but also highly capable of scheduling and organizing functionality.

Such is the success of phone apps and app stores that third-party developers have created millions of apps tailored to productivity and efficiency, with the online nature of these apps allowing this organization to be done on a company-wide scale.

Software platforms such as Monday can make organizing tasks and timings across a business easy, both in terms of accessing the information but also editing and uploading.

Communicate with clients

Mobiles can play a powerful role in the maintaining of successful client communications, enabling your client comms to be carried out in an efficient and effective manner that gains great results for both the business owner and the client themselves.

As mentioned in terms of comms with team members, they are essential in ensuring that business operations are kept efficient, streamlined and thorough, and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

It’s difficult to determine whether team or client comms are more important, but what is for sure is that client comms are a cornerstone of any successful business, and having a phone makes answering their calls, emails and other communications easy and efficient.

This frees up more time to be spent with your team, strategizing and driving your business forward.

Lisa Baker is Group Editor for the Need to See IT Publishing Group. Lisa writes about HR, Technology, Health, the Environment and Business.
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