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Wales’s home-grown broadband provider delivering for Wales in partnership with talented supply chain

Ogi marks a year of its Gigabit-capable broadband rollout, acknowledging the partners who’ve helped connect homes and businesses and support 100s of Welsh jobs.  

A year into its ambitious rollout plan, Ogi, Wales’s fastest-growing broadband company, continue to support traditionally underserved communities to benefit from the economic and social benefits of Gigabit-capable broadband, investing millions across south Wales, while creating over 130 jobs directly and many more through the supplier network. 

Working in partnership with stakeholders, strategic partners and a talented supply chain has been instrumental to Ogi’s success. Right from the start we’ve prioritised working with the very best partners across our industry,” said Ben Allwright, Ogi’s Chief Executive Officer, adding: “We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work harder, smarter, cleaner and more sustainably thanks to those committed and collaborative relationships, and we’re proud to be supporting and creating skilled jobs here in Wales in the process.” 

In just 12 months, Ogi has already enabled thousands of new Gigabit-capable connections across south Wales, with ambitious plans to invest in more areas over the coming years. Partners will remain integral to Ogi’s delivery plans, including Trenches Law, a key partner in the early stages. Co-ordinating between the Land Registry, ocal authorities, freeholders and property owners, Trenches Law’s skills and experience have meant essential wayleave agreements – the contract granting permission to access land or property – have been obtained smoothly, helping more people in south Wales to benefit from an ultrafast Gigabit-capable broadband connection. 


Sarah Cryer, Customer Services Manager for Trenches Law, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Ogi – an ambitious altnet that cares about its local communities, doing our bit to help connect residents to the latest full fibre broadband technology.  

“Our partnership is one we’re truly proud of, and we’re continuously excited to support the Ogi team and their ambitious programme through specialist wayleave advice.” 

Trenches Law is part of a group of delivery partnerships contributing to the growth of Ogi’s network. These include strong local authority partnerships in Pembrokeshire, the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire and civil engineering collaborations with Network Plus, O’Connor Utilities and Avonline Networks, among many others.  

All of these partnerships help Ogi to reach homes and businesses with a full fibre Gigabit-capable connection faster, not just by creating agreements between Ogi and landowners, but by installing cabinets and fibre cables too. They help Ogi build sustainably – sharing existing telecoms ducts and poles for instance – and build stronger relationships within communities.  

Lisa Baker is Group Editor for the Need to See IT Publishing Group. Lisa writes about HR, Technology, Health, the Environment and Business.
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