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Broadway Partners celebrates 88 broadband connections in Ambleston

Broadband provider, Broadway Partners, this week (30th August 2022) celebrated the success of its project in Ambleston with an event for the local community at Ambleston Village Hall.

The event included a presentation on the broadband project in Ambleston, followed by a Q&A session, as well as a raffle and refreshments for the local attendees. Since the project launched, Broadway Partners has connected 88 homes in the Ambleston area with ultrafast and affordable broadband. WiFi speeds in the area had been extremely slow, as little as 4Mbps in some parts, providing a source of frustration for many.

Broadway Partners’ entry package is still available for Ambleston residents and costs £19.99 a month and provides an ultrafast, full-fibre connection. The connections come as part of Broadway’s plans to deliver gigabit ready infrastructure to Wales, and ‘connect the unconnected’ to effective and affordable broadband.

Broadway Partners works with local authorities on a number of projects across Wales and Scotland to connect homes and businesses to high-speed broadband.

Reece Simmons, Regional Manager at Broadway Partners who attended the event, said:

“It’s great to be able to celebrate with the local community in Ambleston following our efforts to improve broadband in the area, alongside our various projects in wider regions. We’ve made great progress in the village already and more homes are being connected each day.

“We’re extremely proud of this project in particular, and our hope is that it brings the community one step closer to bridging the digital divide, and reaping the benefits of superfast internet speeds. Our work in Ambleston is part of our larger investment and commitment to delivering reliable fibre networks in Wales, and we’re excited to see what the future holds in our mission to prevent digital exclusion.”

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