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BTS and SoftBank’s BBIX Partner to Accelerate Global CPaaS and Roaming Innovation

The partnership will accelerate the deployment of international peering services that support innovation in CPaaS and open connectivity models

Business Telecommunications Services (BTS), a global Tier 1 service provider for over 20 years, has partnered with BBIX, Inc. (BBIX), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank) that conducts an Internet Exchange (IX) business, to jointly develop solutions that accelerate innovation in CPaaS, international roaming and open connectivity. The partnership will start from focusing on the development and expansion of Roaming Peering eXchange, Open Connectivity Exchange and CPaaS offerings.

BBIX operates IXs across Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Netherlands, UK, France and the US. Its members include the world’s largest content providers, search engines, gaming companies, social networks, hyperscalers, and telecoms companies. BTS has more than 400 mobile network operator, carrier and over-the-top (OTT), and CPaaS partners globally.

“Our partnership with BBIX is a tremendous opportunity to share knowledge and expertise that will ultimately benefit the entire ICT ecosystem. As 5G deployments grow across the globe, BTS and BBIX are jointly developing solutions that will ensure that these services do not operate in silos and organizations can meet and exchange traffic without barriers,” said Ricardo Olloqui, President and Co-Founder at BTS. “We have a long-term relationship with SoftBank and we’re excited to see this relationship continue to evolve and offer the market new innovation.”

In 2017, BTS signed a joint venture with SoftBank and launched S and BTS. The joint venture combines the complementary strengths of its parent corporations in telecommunications, e-commerce, internet and technology services, and brings together a diverse portfolio of hubbing, cloud and managed services.

“BBIX is committed to developing new solutions that benefit our members around the world. We are continually exploring opportunities to add value for participants and ensure they have the best possible solutions for meeting their business objectives. Our work with BTS will further expand our capabilities and support innovation in the IoT and IPv6 era,” said Hidetoshi Ikeda, President and CEO at BBIX. “We look forward to working with the team at BTS and developing and delivering the internet exchange solutions of the future.”

BTS provides managed services, digital voice services, numbering intelligence, A2P messaging, and fraud prevention across a global footprint. It has its corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida with a major Operating Center for Sales and Technical advancements in Zaragoza, Spain.

About BBIX

BBIX was established in 2003 to be a carrier-free internet exchange (IX) provider headquartered in Japan and serving Asia, Europe and the US. It provides IX, Roaming Peering eXchange, and Multi-Cloud Service as well as Transit and Managed Peering Router. BBIX has established itself as one of the leading IXs in Asia with growing membership and expanding global footprint.

About BTS

With a strong emphasis on technology and process automation for over 20 years, Business Telecommunications Services (BTS) has become a technological leader within its segment in the telecommunications sector.

BTS’ natural ability to adapt and evolve has allowed it to be not only an international service operator but also a technological ally for countless strategic partners throughout the years.

BTS’ diverse portfolio of products, all self-developed and patented, include voice management, storage and inventory management, mass messaging management and intelligent call center services.

Driven by such a multi-product offering in 2017, one of Asia’s biggest investment firms considered BTS to become a key technology partner in establishing S and BTS.

Today, BTS Group has expanded globally through a number of affiliated companies offering highly specialized services and products in various fields and markets.


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