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Coolwave Communications Partners with Callroute to Automate Cloud Telephony for Global UCaaS Platforms

Callroute, an established player in the cloud voice market, has partnered with Coolwave Communications, a global provider of voice and messaging solutions, to automate the provisioning of cloud telephony services across UCaaS and CCaaS platforms. Enterprises are able to easily connect Coolwave’s global SIP trunking to Microsoft Teams and Webex without requiring physical infrastructure or extensive technical knowledge.

Voxnube, a service provider offering services and solutions to businesses via the “voice cloud”, is the first partner to unlock the benefits of this partnership. Voxnube provides distributor voice services and solutions to Callroute and Coolwave’s partner bases globally, while benefitting from Callroute’s advanced call routing, number management and user provisioning solution, coupled with Coolwave’s extensive SIP trunking capabilities.

“Coolwave is very excited to be supporting Callroute in delivering global SIP solutions. Callroute has developed an advanced call routing, number management and user provisioning solution, allowing you to connect any phone system and service provider together, without the need for infrastructure or deep technical knowledge,” said Ronan Higgins, Commercial Director at Coolwave Communications. “Together, we are making it simple for all kinds of businesses to optimise and grow their UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS platforms with BYOC and automated voice services, helping to accelerate their services for customers.”

Using Callroute, end customers can easily connect Coolwave’s global SIP network to UCaaS platforms such as Microsoft Teams using the Callroute Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) functionality. In combination with Coolwave’s cloud-based, self-service and white-label Cool Operator platform, partners and customers benefit from secure and superior voice quality with regionalised points of presence, which simplifies global telephony deployments.

“We are excited to welcome Coolwave as a Verified Carrier. Its extensive global coverage will be a game changer for enterprises that want to migrate their telephony to UCaaS services such as Microsoft Teams in challenging geographies. said Ewan Haig, CEO of Sipsynergy Ltd. “The combination of Callroute’s powerful automation and Coolwave’s coverage across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, will certainly be a very compelling offer in the market.”

Callroute’s existing partners also benefit from this new partnership, unlocking new markets and opportunities that were previously out of reach. As a global provider, Coolwave takes care of all the local telephony regulatory compliance, while Callroute provides the seamless automation needed to connect end customers to PSTN services quickly and reliably. Partners will be able to take advantage of this partnership with a quick and simple go-to market offering, allowing them to win new business with confidence and without risk.

“Voxnube is hugely enthusiastic to be supporting Callroute and Coolwave Communications in delivering global SIP voice services and solutions. We are taking out the complexities from businesses transforming and migrating to the cloud, by making it simple for all kinds of companies to grow in cloud communications and optimise services for customers, said Mike Hejsak, Founder and CEO at Voxnube. “Callroute’s advanced call routing, number management and user provisioning solution, coupled with Coolwave’s extensive SIP trunking capabilities, provides Voxnube with a compelling set of services, solutions and truly global reach, without the need for in-country infrastructure or technical knowledge.”

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