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EE makes catching up with loved ones even easier this Christmas with tech offering

  • EE bundle brings the latest Samsung tablet with Easology software to make tech more simple
  • Easology software makes technology more accessible with larger icons, clear text, simplified layouts and user-friendly settings.
  • Over half of older adults use their mobile devices to stay in regular contact with family, but many over 70s don’t feel fully confident using them[1]
  • Gerry (75) and Sandra (72), both share stories of how their tablet helps keep them connected during the festivities and beyond


Mobile network EE is helping to keep older adults connected by teaming up with Samsung and Easology on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet. Available exclusively with EE – the bundle makes technology easier to navigate with larger icons, clear text, simplified layouts and user-friendly settings.

Thanks to the Easology software, day-to-day functions such as phone calls, messages and apps like Facebook and the internet, are simplified and made more manageable.

Customers with visual and dexterity impairments benefit from the more accessible format making connecting with family and friends easier than ever before. Research shows that more than two thirds of Brits over 70 use their mobiles for healthcare services such as booking appointments – proving the importance of being able to use them seamlessly[2].


Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, EE says: “We really know the value of staying connected with our loved ones, especially during the festive season. This exclusive package on EE means even more people can make the most of technology and reap the benefits this tablet offers, all on the UK’s best network.”


Sateesh Ramoutar, Chief Commercial Officer, Easology adds: “Partnering with the UK’s best network, EE, helps further our mission to make the latest technology easy-to-use for older adults, ensuring they stay online.

“Everyone has the right to be connected and the unique offering with EE will help more people make the most of the benefits that technology can bring.”


Gerry, 75, and Sandra, 72, have both reaped the benefits of using the Easology tablet.

Gerry, a retired electrical engineer, loves browsing the internet and reading through research papers to deepen his knowledge of the world. However, Gerry noticed his eyes were struggling to see the smaller text on screen so tried out the Easology modified tablet.

Gerry said: “I looked into tablets that could help with my visual impairment but there were not many options available, and the options that were available reduced the functionality of the tablet. I use all the features such as video calling, messaging and email. However, I use it most for the internet as the feature that is really helpful to me is the magnification option.”


Sandra is a retired NHS worker: Sandra’s son had noticed she was struggling connecting to their planned video calls. With her dexterity sometimes not what it used to be, using small buttons and long menus on her smartphone started to make things harder and was becoming increasingly frustrating.

Sandra said: “It’s incredible how you take for granted being able to use a touchscreen on a phone without thinking about it. When you do start to struggle with the internet or applications, you start to worry about how you will do all the things you used to do online.”

Having used the Easology tablet, she adds: “I feel like I have a new lease of life. I use my new tablet without hesitation and don’t even think about how I am using it.”


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with Easology is available exclusively on EE on a monthly tariff with 5GB of data.

Monthly tariff plans for new customers start from £18 per month (£50 upfront), with 5GB of monthly data, while existing EE customers can purchase a plan from £16.20 per month (£0 upfront) with 5GB of monthly data.


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