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New Fully Voice Controlled Smartphone brings hope to the UK’s 5.6 million Elderly struggling to use mainstream Mobile Phones

RealThing Ai, an Australian technology company, has today launched RealSAM Phone, a simple and easily accessible smartphone, designed to help the UK’s estimated 5.6 million people who struggle to use modern mobile phones due to health barriers. (1)

RealSAM Phone is the third product to be released from the RealThing Ai team, that has partnered with the RNIB and O2 to develop accessible smartphones for blind and partially sighted people since 2018.

Incorporating RealThing Ai’s ground-breaking technology, that’s backed by the Australian Government (2)RealSAM Phone is operated by simple voice controls. Users simply tap a large area on the phone’s screen and use their voice to ask RealSAM to make a call, send a text or use one of the many built-in personal assistant features designed to make life easier. These include a magnifier that can read handwriting or printed text out loud.

UK Country Manager for RealThing Ai, Louise Humphreys, said, “With the Christmas season giving many families the first opportunity in three years to come together, we’ve seen a leap in enquiries from loved ones seeking a solution to stay in touch with their parents and grandparents.

Often contacting us having already explored other options, we’ve been told of relatives struggling to operate mobile phones with small buttons, to install apps or use menus on a touchscreen. We believe there is a need for an alternative phone in the market that’s easy to use, with less features, and that can be operated just by using your voice. We hope that with the launch of RealSAM Phone we can deliver on this need and help many families to stay connected this winter”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can RealSAM Phone help?

RealSAM Phone is designed for anyone who finds it easier to operate a smartphone by voice. Based on voice technology that has been used by blind and partially sighted people in the UK, US and Australia over 4 years, this may include people experiencing sight loss, physical barriers such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and arthritis, or memory impairments, such as dementia. RealSAM Phone can also connect to hearing aids, using Bluetooth to stream the phone’s audio directly.

How is RealThing Ai different from other Voice Control services?

RealThing Ai is a global business specialising in developing conversational Ai technology. RealThing’s solution is unique in that it can multi-task. For example, if a customer is using a RealSAM Phone to check the weather and a call arrives, they will be alerted to answer the call and returned to the weather at the end of the call.

RealThing Ai’s ability to manage complex interactions means it performs particularly well when voice is the only way to operate a technology.

What features does RealSAM Phone have?

RealSAM Phone is unique from other mainstream smartphones in that it has no on-screen apps, or buttons, so users simply tap the screen and talk to access its features. New features and apps are developed based on customer feedback and updated on to the phone automatically.

The features currently available on RealSAM that can be used by voice include:
– Making and receiving calls
– Sending and receiving messages
– Alerting contacts that you need assistance
– Turning on the inbuilt video magnifier
– Adding contacts to your address book
– Getting help from the Be My Eyes Service (3)
– Setting reminders
– Finding out the time
– Checking the weather.

What handset is RealSAM Phone available on?

RealSAM Phone is based on a customised Samsung Galaxy A04 handset installed with the RealThing Ai voice software. The Samsung Galaxy A04 is an Android 12 device featuring a 50MP main camera for exceptional image clarity, 32GB of storage, and a 5000 mAh battery for up to 54 hours talk time (4). RealSAM Phone comes with a 24-month warranty and unlimited software upgrades.

What customer support is available?

RealThing Ai offers all customers ongoing and unlimited business hours telephone support from its UK based customer support team. This includes help with adding contacts and connecting the phone to wifi. Customers can also log in to the RealSAM web portal to manage the phone’s contacts remotely.

How much does it cost?

RealSAM Phone can be bought unlocked and SIM free for GBP £499 (excl. VAT) or on a 36-month contract including unlimited UK calls, texts and 1GB data on the O2 network for GBP £19.99 a month. RealSAM Phone is included in the RNIB Technology Grant Scheme (5), offering eligible customers up to GBP £350 off the cost of purchasing. VAT exemptions may apply for people with a disability.

RealThing Ai also offers a no quibble 60 day returns policy allowing users to try RealSAM Phone for an extended period while deciding if it’s right for them.

How do I find out more?

For more information call the RealThing Ai Customer Service team on 01733 514612 or visit the RealSAM UK website.

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