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LilaConnect launches new business gigabit full fibre packages for SMEs

Specialist gigabit full fibre company LilaConnect is underlining its commitment to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the launch of its business full fibre packages. The brand new B2B offering will focus on providing SMEs with a better internet experience, including purpose-built business products, exceptional service, and simple pricing with no hidden fees.

The two packages available will include speeds of 500Mbps at a cost of £37.98 and 1Gbit at £39.98 as standard, offering highly competitive speeds and prices as compared to other Business Broadband deals*. In addition, to celebrate the launch, LilaConnect will also offer a limited-time 5Gbit promotional discount over the Easter period (15th March to 30th April).

LilaConnect’s products and services are built on feedback from businesses across the UK and aim to address the dwindling number of business-focused packages from providers in the market as well as mitigate the impact of rising costs for SMEs. It comes as broadband customers are to expect price hikes of up to 17% due to high inflation in April.

In recognition that SMEs will be facing price lock-ins and/ or exit fees, LilaConnect is promising no in-contract price rises, as well as a dedicated support team that is specifically trained to help customers switch to LilaConnect’s service at no extra cost to the business. This flexibility is to offer additional assurance to businesses in a difficult economic climate and beyond.

Priyanka Bamford, Head of Business Sales, LilaConnect, said: “As the backbone of the UK economy, supporting small businesses should be Internet Service Providers’ top priority. Everything needs the internet, from taking card payments and monitoring in-store CCTV to streaming conference calls in HD. The impact of disruption or connectivity issues on these everyday needs can be huge. With a focus on reliability and speed, our B2B product will offer peace of mind as well as opportunities for business growth at a low price.”

LilaConnect’s Business packages will be available in regions where a LilaConnect full fibre connection is on offer, including Stoke-on-Trent, Uttoxeter, London, Bristol, Colchester, Crewe and Nantwich. To check availability, visit

*As according to “Best business broadband deals on in March 2023”

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