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Altnets joins ISPA as the procurement partner for 2023

The UK’s leading telecoms procurements specialist, Altnets, has become the procurement consultant partner of the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA – the trade association for national providers of internet services). ISPA provides essential support to the UK internet sector through innovation, knowledge and experience, which benefits the UK economy and society by promoting collaboration and constructive dialogue between its members, the government, the wider internet community and consumers.

Having over 90 years’ combined experience in the ISP industry, the Altnets team understands the challenges that come with procuring the right products at the right price and at the right time. They specialise in managing customers’ supply chains and providing all the build materials required for network infrastructure, from fibre cables, ducts and enclosures to access chambers and customer connection solutions.

ISPA is a driving force for the UK internet sector and relevant stakeholders. By joining as the procurement partner, Altnets has agreed to abide by the ISPA UK Code. ISPA members’ allegiance to the Code means that consumers can view the ISPA UK logo as a mark of commitment to good business practice.

Sam Bangle, Co-Founder and Director of Altnets, said: “ISPA is the number one professional body representing our telecoms customers, which is why we have joined forces with them as the procurement partner. Becoming part of ISPA gives us invaluable opportunities to advise the UK government on internet policies (we are attending the Parliamentary Conference later this month). We plan to use our platform to encourage positive development in the telecoms industry, as well as better regulation and support for innovation within the sector.”

Commenting on the new partnership with Altnets, Krystian Heald, Partnerships Manager at ISPA, stated: “At ISPA we look to support our member organisations through collaboration with some of the most reputable industry partners. I am delighted to have Altnets join us as the experts in telecoms procurement. Their experience and knowledge of the sector has already proved fruitful when working with some of our members, and I think they are a great addition to our in-demand partner programme.”

Altnets to participate at the ISP Business Summit 2023

Altnets will be exhibiting and speaking on a panel discussion at the ISP Business Summit 2023 on Thursday 8 June 2023 in London.

As we reach 50% deployment of FTTP and the industry doubles down on take-up and revenues, this full day ISPA conference seeks to explore, through a series of panel discussions and keynote speakers, how the broadband sector is set to fair over the next 12 months and beyond. Key areas of interest include:

  • The state of the broadband nation
  • The products and services essential to enhancing a network
  • Education and awareness of gigabit capable broadband
  • What customers are looking for
  • Looking beyond premises passed and ways to encourage take-up
  • Field services and supply chain shortages
  • The expected mergers, acquisitions and investment in 2023

As well as exhibiting at the Summit, Altnets will be taking part in the poignant and timely panel discussion: ‘Mergers, acquisitions and investment – What will market consolidators be looking for in ISP in a post-build era?’, where the company will share expertise on maximising build quality. Steve Leighton, ISPA Council Chair will be leading the panel discussion.

More details on the Summit can be found here, where you can also book tickets:

If you are looking for the right expertise to help with your infrastructure build, then get in touch with the Altnets team: [email protected]

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