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Telcos helps take UK to second place in digital rankings across all 11 countries assessed by international study

  • Telefónica UK Limited (O2) appears in the Top 5 companies of the global rankings
  • Hutchison 3G UK Limited (Three) and Vodafone Limited also perform well
  • UK Telcos rank well for Digital Marketing and Digital Product Experience


The Telcos sector has helped the UK take second place for digital maturity[1] from the 11 countries[2] included in an international study. The BearingPoint UK Digital Leaders Study also reveals today (24th April 2023) that UK companies scored strongly globally, with Telefónica UK Limited (O2) appearing in the Top 5 of the global ranking with a score of 3.68.

Telefónica UK Limited (O2) also ranked second in the list of the UK’s Digital Leaders, and Telcos was the next best performing industry in the UK with a score of 3.11 behind Non-Food Retail (3.43), Food (3.32), and Fashion (3.28). In the UK Telco sector, Hutchison 3G UK Limited (Three) and Vodafone Limited ranked second and third respectively behind Telefónica UK Limited (O2) for digital maturity.

The BearingPoint study said that the UK Telco industry performed particularly well in the areas of Digital Marketing and Digital Product Experience, where it is really challenging the overall strongest industry in the UK: Retail.


John Ward, Director at BearingPoint, said:

“UK Telcos performed well in this year’s study, helping take the UK to second in our overall annual digital global rankings. Telcos are showcasing a comprehensive and balanced approach to digital strategy, focusing on providing prompt assistance to customer queries by leveraging technologies such as live chat, digital contact forms, and ability to call customer service directly from the mobile app.

Telefónica UK Limited (O2) is the only non-retail firm in our UK top ten companies this year. It had an exceptional year, performing consistently well across all dimensions of the study. As part of performing well in Digital Product Experience and Digital Marketing, the company scores top marks in affiliate marketing and search engine, and interestingly, it uses Instagram as a channel to engage consumers much more than its peers.”


The BearingPoint UK Digital Leaders Study 2022 assessed 77 companies across 7 industries: Banking, Energy, Insurance, Retail Fashion, Retail Non-Food, Retail Food and Telco. The 2022 global edition of the Digital Leaders Study encompassed 679 companies from 21 industries in 11 countries. BearingPoint reviewed the companies on four distinct dimensions – Digital Marketing, Digital Product Experience, E-Commerce and E-CRM.


UK Performance by Industry Sector:

Sector Grade 2022
Retail Non-Food 3.43
Retail – Food 3.32
Retail – Fashion 3.28
Telco 3.11
Banking 2.89
Insurance 2.76
Energy 2.43


BearingPoint’s research also highlights five key success factors for digital leaders, all of which are interconnected when executed correctly:

  1. Putting customers at the centre of value propositions
  2. Generating a positive emotional response through all customer interactions
  3. Delivering value with a suite of advanced technology that leverages data centricity
  4. Innovating in all aspects of the ecosystem
  5. Integrating ethics, sustainability, and a broad worldview in day-to-day activities


For more information about the Digital Leaders Study and to access the report and results, visit

[1] When comparing the top 30 performing companies across the 11 countries assessed, the UK scored 3.61 – to feature second in the global rankings.

[2] The countries included in this study are – UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the U.S.

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