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ExodusClouds Partners with Epsilon to Provide Global On-Demand Connectivity Across Enterprise Verticals

ExodusClouds, a global pioneer in cloud connectivity, has partnered with Epsilon Telecommunications, a global interconnectivity provider, to boost its global connectivity offering for enterprises across multiple industry verticals. ExodusClouds will serve enterprise customers across the telecommunications, finance, healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors with a white-labelled version of Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny.

ExodusClouds is using Infiny to connect enterprise customers to Epsilon’s ecosystem of 300+ data centres and 600+ leading cloud, Internet exchange (IX), network and technology partners. The company is also utilising Epsilon’s global last mile capabilities to level-up its own solutions including software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). With Epsilon, ExodusClouds is helping its enterprise customers to grow beyond its existing markets of Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, with truly global reach.

“Our partnership is an opportunity to help more enterprises experience the power and simplicity of Infiny. Both of our companies share an aligned objective to provide next-generation software-defined solutions focused on automation and cloud,” said Victoria Kalocsai, Alliances Manager at Epsilon Telecommunications. “ExodusClouds’ footprint covers Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, which will be supported by Epsilon’s infrastructure across Europe, APAC and the USA. This collaboration will provide both Epsilon and ExodusClouds’ customers with top-quality network solutions across the globe.”

ExodusClouds aims to simplify the increasingly complex cloud networking ecosystem with software-driven solutions based on automation, orchestration, and on-demand scalability. It provides high-performance infrastructure and connectivity to 150+ cloud service providers. Epsilon is helping ExodusClouds to extend its global reach via its MEF-certified network and suite of connectivity solutions, all within a single platform.

“It’s great to be working with Epsilon, a company that shares our vision for a hyperconnected, cloud-based future,” said Nur Yildiz, Marketing Manager at ExodusClouds. “Threading Infiny with our existing cloud, SD-WAN and other connectivity services will offer even greater value for enterprises across verticals. We’re ready to grow across the globe with Epsilon’s world-leading NaaS platform, and take our services, customer experience, and global reach to the next level with agility and adaptability.”

By partnering with Epsilon, ExodusClouds can access a suite of solutions on Infiny in addition to Cloud Connect, including high performance data centre interconnection, access to internet exchanges and global inbound numbers. Infiny makes it simple for ExodusClouds to quickly pivot and scale its offerings in response to changing enterprise demands across multiple industries.

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