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Zayo strengthens French connectivity footprint with new Bordeaux route expansion

New route expands capacity and network diversity to meet region’s growing demand 

Zayo Group Holdings, a leading Tier1 provider of communications infrastructure solutions, announced the launch of a new Bordeaux wavelength route connecting Paris and Marseille. The Bordeaux route leverages Zayo’s extensive fibre-optic network in France and affirms Zayo’s commitment to delivering best-in-class infrastructure solutions to customers across Europe and around the world.

Bordeaux is a strategic connection for Zayo’s global network due to its central location in the South West region of France, thriving technology industry and proximity to cable landing station locations. Zayo’s expansion in Bordeaux provides the opportunities to  tap into this growing market and provide critical connectivity infrastructure to support the region’s digital economy.

With the addition of the Bordeaux route expanding the Paris to Marseille network delivered at the start of 2023,  Zayo now provides these regions with access to Europe, the Middle East, and North America. This ensures maximum uptime and minimal disruption to customers’ operations, while also providing greater network flexibility and resiliency.

As part of the route expansion, Zayo selected Equinix’s first International Business Exchange data centre in Bordeaux (BX1) as one of its major hubs on the new route. This will act as the connectivity hub for the new Amitié subsea cable, delivered this summer by a consortium of Hyperscalers made up  of Microsoft & Meta, Orange, Vodafone and Aquacomms. It will play a key role in responding to rapidly increasing bandwidth demand in the region.


Régis Castagné, Managing Director of Equinix France comments: “We’re delighted to be part of the expansion of this new line to extend its reach to France’s main economic zones. We set up our first data centre in Bordeaux – BX1 – less than two years ago because we believed in the region’s potential as a new connectivity hub for France, and we’re delighted today to see a growing demand for high-speed capacity between Bordeaux and the rest of Europe. This project will undoubtedly support the growth of our customers and the region’s digital economy, while work on the Amitié submarine cable for which our facilities are the first gateway has just been completed.”


Yannick Leboyer, Chief Revenue Officer at Zayo Europe, says: “The launch of Zayo’s new wavelength route between Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux marks a pivotal step in our strategy to extend our network, invest in global markets and interconnection hubs, and elevate services for our customers across France. Zayo is committed to delivering the highest-quality infrastructure solutions for our customers, using the latest fibre technology, sustainable build practices and 400G native capacity. The  Bordeaux route connection means businesses can take advantage of the latest cloud and data centre technologies, drive innovation, and compete more effectively in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.”


For more information on Zayo’s new wavelength route between Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux, please visit

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