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Denbighshire properties benefit from new fibre installations.

Properties in Denbighshire have recently benefitted from new fibre installations through the Fibre Community Partnership project.

The Fibre Community Project offers residents and businesses the opportunity to access better broadband with Openreach, despite not being a part of their current rollout plans.

The properties in Southwest Llandegla successfully applied for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme – which provides up to £4,500 worth of funding from the Welsh and UK Governments grants to improve broadband connectivity, through the Fibre Community Project.

Residents and businesses in Denbighshire can benefit from free advice and assistance from the Council’s Digital Officer who can find the best solution for internet issues they may be experiencing.

Philip Burrows, Denbighshire’s Digital Officer said:

“Some communities may experience problems which require intervention by Openreach, the company which maintains and provides the major telephony and internet network system around the UK. However, individuals cannot contact Openreach directly, and that’s where I come in as the Council’s Digital Officer.

“I can be the go-between to hopefully take the stress out of sorting these types of problems. I can also advise on how to source funding to set up Fibre Community Partnerships if there are specific communities who are all experiencing similar problems.

“I’m happy to advise any resident or business in Denbighshire on any topic related to their internet connection.”

Councillor Emrys Wynne, Lead Member for Welsh Language, Culture and Heritage said:

“I’m pleased to hear about the successful installations to remote properties in Southwest Llandegla, as ensuring better digital networks is essential and supporting communities to achieve this is a key priority in the Council’s Corporate Plan.

“I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the various funding available or is experiencing difficulties with their internet to contact Philip, who will be able to advise on the best course of action.”

If you want to learn more about the Fibre Community Partnership project, or you’re experiencing slow internet speeds in your home, contact the Council’s Digital Officer on [email protected]

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