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Altnets and ISPA together publish first-ever Telecoms Procurement Research Report looking at the full fibre supply chain

Supply chain specialists Altnets and the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) have announced the publication of the 2024 Telecoms Procurement Research Report, which looks in depth at the current and future issues affecting the UK’s full fibre network providers.

The first of its kind to be produced by Altnets and ISPA, the comprehensive Report reviews the UK full fibre broadband sector in terms of the various challenges and opportunities that exist in the sector for internet service providers (ISPs), offering a valuable perspective on its trajectory. Altnets joined ISPA as a Procurement Partner at the start of 2023 and continues to work closely with the organisation to support the UK’s telecoms industry.

Together, Altnets and ISPA have provided a thorough understanding of the sector’s current status and the events that have shaped its development. The Report addresses the prior setbacks ISPs have encountered in the deployment of fibre infrastructure and highlights the crucial role of robust procurement strategies in influencing the success of the sector. The Report allows industry leaders to gain valuable insights into the intricacies behind the sector and deepen their understanding of the differing elements that influence the overall fibre landscape.

Altnets, founded in 2020 by Paul Britnell and Sam Bangle, caters to the UK telecoms market’s evolving procurement needs during the transition to gigabit broadband networks. Altnets is dedicated to supporting independent ISPs by providing essential network infrastructure build materials, including fibre cables, ducts, nodes and access chambers. The company’s team aids the government’s Project Gigabit targets through their expert knowledge of the telecoms supply chain, helping ISPs reach communities lacking full fibre broadband connectivity.

ISPA is the voice of the UK’s internet industry. Providing innovation, knowledge and experience, ISPA offers a crucial support system that aims to contribute to the growth of the UK’s connectivity, economy and society. By promoting collaboration and facilitating constructive dialogue among its members and the broader internet community, ISPA plays a pivotal role as a driving force in advancing the sector.

The 2024 Telecoms Procurement Research Report covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Product manufacturing
  • Socioeconomic factors
  • Consumer take-up
  • Geography
  • Consolidation and attracting investment
  • Ramping up versus restraints in industry regulations
  • Skills shortages
  • Global competition


The Report includes a detailed analysis of these topics, having consulted with a range of industry experts who provided their valuable insights. Each of the individuals featured throughout the report, and their respective companies, are considered to be leaders in the sector and are known for their extensive knowledge and experience in the fibre sector.

One such contributor is Helen Wylde-Archibald, CEO of the southwest-based ISP Wildanet, who offered valuable comments regarding the importance of engagement with the supply chain. Wildanet’s mission is to combat digital inequality by providing fast and reliable fibre internet to homes and businesses in rural communities.

Kevin Moulton, the UK Sales Director for Fibrain (a world-leading Polish producer of fibre optic and photonics technology), commented on the impact of current skills shortages on the industry, a key challenge for ISPs. The Report wouldn’t have been possible without inclusions from a range of industry experts who actively engaged with Altnets to provide valuable perspectives on the current and future state of the telecoms sector and the role of supply chains.

“This Research Report, a collaborative effort between distinguished telecom experts, looks into the future of the market specifically focused on independent ISPs,” commented ISPA Chairman, Steve Leighton, “During its creation, we engaged with key sector figures including ISP CEOs, manufacturers and finance specialists. We extend our gratitude to all those who actively participated in this report by sharing their insights and contributing to creating something that will be of real value to UK industry professionals.”

Paul Britnell, Co-Founder and Director of Altnets, says: ““The last decade has presented unprecedented challenges to our industry; therefore, the need for a secure and sustainable supply chain has become more pronounced than ever. Its resilient response to past challenges highlights the telecom sector’s adaptability, yet there is a need for continuous learning and ongoing effective engagement with supply chains.”

“As society transforms more and more into a digital landscape, where fast broadband is essential for every UK resident, connectivity is paramount for societal advancement. Networks must evolve and adapt their Network Operations continuously, utilising new and emerging technologies to ensure optimisation, continuity, and security of their essential assets.”

The conclusions of this Report not only act as an evaluation tool for the current state of the UK fibre sector but also provide an insight into the future of fibre in terms of reaching the target of connecting every nationwide property by 2030.

The full report can be viewed at:

For more information on Altnets, please visit:

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