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Profile of an apprentice Jack Stafford-Baker: “Aiming higher with Lolly”

Since a young age, Jack Stafford-Baker has always aspired to work in film production. On completing his diploma, he sadly fell into an almost shut-down film industry, as a result of the writer’s strikes. He knew he had to take a change of tack…

Jack’s fortunes were turned when he was introduced to the apprenticeship scheme at Lolly, the hospitality technology provider, which he chose to take up. He comments:

“My previous experience as a break-fix engineer was easily transferrable into systems engineering, which was the role being offered at Lolly.

“Since starting in Summer 2023, I have learnt a great deal and feel I am constantly improving my skillset. I am keen to become the most complete engineer I can be, and to take on a lead engineer role within the business.”

Jack’s role involves installing and configuring EPOS systems, working with high end corporate caterers in the UK – where efficient service is crucial. He also fulfils support callouts and system health visits on existing client sites to potentially swap out equipment, where needed.

During quieter periods, he is given ample time to complete apprenticeship tasks and research, enabling him to access the additional learning courses. 

Jack adds: “I am due to complete my apprenticeship within a year and am well on track. It has been such a fulfilling role, on top of my apprenticeship duties I have also been able to complete multiple added learning courses, including: wireless networking, cybersecurity and penetration testing.

“On finishing the course, I will be officially instated as a ‘field engineer’, although I am aiming higher than this and hope to complete enough extracurricular courses to pair with my site experience to be able to push myself forwards in my career.

“I have really enjoyed the apprenticeship route at Lolly because I have been able to develop into my role practically, as opposed to being entirely theory-based. It has been great to showcase my abilities and all that I have learnt.”

Peter Moore, CEO, Its Lolly, adds: “Jack is an excellent member of the team, and he has an exciting future ahead of him.

“We pride ourselves on the Lolly apprenticeship training programme, which has a heavy practical focus. It’s great to see our apprentices relishing the work they are given and tackling problems and tasks in such a professional way.”

Lisa Baker is Group Editor for the Need to See IT Publishing Group. Lisa writes about HR, Technology, Health, the Environment and Business.
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