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Moflix and NAGRAVISION to Unlock Next-Gen Consumer Engagement Opps for Telcos and Broadcasters, Enabled by Super Apps and Web3

Moflix and NAGRAVISION are establishing a partnership to create an enablement platform for operators in the telco and broadcast media industries. Recognizing the need to extend propositions beyond video the partnership will equip operators with new opportunities through which to diversify their service offerings.

The advent and popularity of streaming services, short-form content and gaming continue to draw audiences away from traditional media consumption. At the same time, consumers still have strong relationships with their current providers, which require solutions that can address the needs of existing, established audiences while opening new opportunities created by a mobile-first approach.

These new solutions will leverage the award-winning Moflix TelcoTech Platform as a core component of a Super App proposition through which operators can provide converged offerings to their subscribers. This will consist of any type of content or subscription service, tokenized consumer incentives and mobile connectivity. Operators can then expand their relationships quickly and efficiently by offering all the services required by today’s consumers, in one place. All onboarding and subscription management will take place in the App, bringing a 100% mobile-first customer experience to the broadcast media market for the first time.

Moflix Group Chairman, Marc Degen, said: “We are super excited that two Swiss companies are coming together to challenge the DNA of the global Broadcast Media industry by providing a ground-breaking solution that enables new ways of doing business in an increasingly diverse ecosystem. Our foresight in understanding the importance of Web3 capabilities as the global foundation of broad-based financial inclusion and our strong partnership with The Hashgraph Association are supporting NAGRAVISION to accelerate this initiative and disrupt an established market.”

Moflix brings together the technology and experience to converge the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Consumers of the Super App will be provided with a Web3 Wallet directly on their mobile devices, based on Hedera Distributed Ledger Technology. This allows a tokenized financial ecosystem to be created in which incentives and rewards as well as cash-equivalent assets can be distributed by operators and used to pay for services within each operator’s environment. In turn, this creates a sharing and loyalty economy that results in lower churn, a lower cost of acquisition and higher ARPU for all parties involved.

“NAGRAVISION champions innovation in the media and entertainment industry and this partnership opens an exciting new chapter.” said Nancy Goldberg, EVP & CMO at NAGRAVISION. “Through this partnership, we will unlock new opportunities for our customers at a time when our industry is undergoing accelerated change. NAGRAVISION prides itself on being a trusted partner to its customers and we’re excited to help them secure their business transformation journey by leveraging opportunities presented by new technologies such as Web3.”

To learn more, understand how the partnership will add significant lifetime value between operators, content partners, and their customers, schedule a meeting with Moflix and NAGRAVISION at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 26th to 29th February.


NAGRAVISION, the media and entertainment technology division of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S), provides full-spectrum security and innovation solutions for a hyper-connected world. NAGRAVISION enables content creators, providers, and operators worldwide to launch, monetize, and scale services at speed, offering their subscribers compelling, personalized user experiences. Its portfolio of award-winning products and services spans traditional video security, cybersecurity, cloud-based video and streaming solutions, turn-key D2C solutions for the sports industry, and rich personalization services that drive subscriber loyalty. For more information visit

About Moflix Group

The award-winning Moflix TelcoTech Platform combines a modern all-digital Telco experience with a flexible webscale Tech platform to offer the telco industry the same disruptive opportunities that FinTech brings to financial services. TelcoTech provides new and exciting ways for telcos to drive engagement, build communities and generate revenues in both the Web2 and Web3 worlds. For more information visit


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