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CMC Networks Launches Air Connect to Deliver Wireless Connectivity in Some of the World’s Most Rugged Terrains

The solution provides fast, secure and reliable connectivity for businesses across South Africa to enhance business continuity, no matter the location. 

Johannesburg, South Africa, 26th March 2024 CMC Networks, a global Tier 1 service provider, has launched its Air Connect solution to deliver wireless connectivity to businesses across South Africa. Air Connect is a Wireless to the Business (WTTB) solution for reliable, high-speed connectivity and business continuity, even in some of the world’s most challenging environments. 

Air Connect uses radio waves to ensure robust and stable connectivity across varying landscapes in South Africa, including rural farmland, sparse deserts, and rugged terrains. Leveraging wireless technology removes the costs, complexities, and long deployment times associated with traditional wired connections such as fibre. It is a flexible service with speed ranges of 5Mbps to 500Mbps+, depending on business requirements.  

“Air Connect is a very exciting solution for us, and a real game-changer for our customers in South Africa,” said Marisa Trisolino, CEO at CMC Networks. “Our aim is to power the next era of digital adoption across Africa, and Air Connect is a huge step forward in doing so. It provides our customers with a wider selection of connectivity options to add redundancy to their networks, helping to keep their businesses up and running no matter the circumstances.” 

Air Connect can be installed very quickly with a 3 to 10 day service level objective (SLO). This makes the solution useful for customers awaiting a fibre build, providing a rapid temporary deployment to minimise network downtime. Air Connect can serve as an active backup after the fibre roll out in a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) overlay deployment, increasing network resilience, redundancy and uptime. 

“Air Connect is a fully scalable solution to fit our customers’ unique business needs, with rapid installation, high-speed connectivity, increased network uptime and reliability,” said Geoff Dornan, CTO at CMC Networks. “We’re continually expanding our portfolio to meet our customers’ changing requirements, so that they can reach their business objectives without being delayed by connectivity.”   

CMC Networks has been innovating in Africa for more than three decades and has the largest pan-African network servicing 51 out of 54 countries in Africa and 12 countries in the Middle East, plus regional hubs in key interconnect locations across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific. 

About CMC Networks 

CMC Networks is a global Tier 1 service provider that enables and accelerates digital transformation in the most challenging markets in the world. Headquartered in South Africa and providing services for over 30 years, it combines network reach across six continents with innovation in AI, cloud-on ramp, cybersecurity, EDGE Cloud, SDN, virtualisation, and a range of services to solve local enterprise challenges with world-class solutions. 

CMC provides data communications to Carriers, Governments, Multinationals, and various non-profit organisations, operating more than 110 Service Locations providing a cost-effective, scalable, and resilient network.  

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