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Scaling new heights in optical networking at the 17th edition of Dni Światła

Representatives of Europe’s largest telecom companies will meet in Warsaw on October 23 to discuss the future of optical transmission. The 17th edition of the Dni Światła (Day of Light) conference is organised by telecommunication network specialist Salumanus and will feature lectures on IP-over-DWDM, universal optical transceivers and 800G solutions for network infrastructure.

Data is growing at unprecedented rates, with 90 per cent of the world’s data being created in the last two years alone. To keep up with the increasing demand for faster networks, telcos and data centre owners need to constantly upgrade their infrastructure.

At this year’s Dni Światła conference, telecom experts will delve into critical topics such as optical network disaggregation, coherent modulation techniques and strategies for reducing infrastructure maintenance and upgrade costs. These discussions are essential as operators navigate the evolving landscape of telecommunications, seeking innovative solutions to optimise their investments.

“Our industry is at a pivotal moment where the demands for higher bandwidth and more efficient network management are ever-increasing,” explained Marcin Bala, CEO of Salumanus.

“Competition for processing each gigabit of data is increasing, so operators must look for solutions that allow them to get more out of their infrastructure investments. Wave multiplexing systems, coherent modulation and open networks offer the potential for such optimisations. At this year’s Dni Światła, we aim to shed light on these innovative technologies and their practical applications.”

The conference agenda includes in-depth sessions on Alien Lambda technology, IP-over-DWDM systems and universal optical modules. Notably, DCN Europe, the main conference partner, will deliver a presentation focusing on practical applications of Wi-Fi and LAN setups in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

A highlight of this year’s event will be a special session exploring the future of optical transmission technologies. Experts will address the challenges and opportunities presented by advancements in 1.6T, 3.2T, and 6.4T modules, as well as dispelling myths surrounding open networks.

Inspired by the spirit of mountaineering, the 17th edition of Dni Światła draws a parallel between conquering peaks and advancing optical networks.

“Mountains offer a sense of freedom but require courage and attention,” said Bala. “Today’s optical networks require a similar approach: openness, discipline and the constant climbing of new peaks. When we reach the 800G ceiling, we are already thinking about how to double or triple that capacity.”

The 17th edition of Dni Światła will be held on October 24, 2024 at Novotel Warsaw Centrum. The event is free of charge for Salumanus Partners. For more information visit:

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