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Month: September 2020

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Aculab nears 100% accuracy with its highly responsive Deep Neural Network (DNN) live speaker/answering machine detection

Aculab, a leading provider of deployment proven telephony products to the global communications market, is pleased to announce that its Live Speaker Detection (LSD), also known as Answering Machine Detection (AMD), is now achieving near-perfect accuracy.  “Aculab’s new industry-leading LSD/AMD…

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SSE Enterprise Telecoms announces multi-million-pound investment in enhanced customer quoting portal ‘LIVEQUOTE’

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has announced the multi-million-pound upgrade and development of its digital pricing and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE, meeting the growing need for more simplicity, convenience and choice among UK telecoms wholesalers. The upgraded portal launches with a host of…

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SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ 100Gbps capable network extended further across the UK with connectivity to eight new data centres and capacity upgrades to four existing

New data centre connections, built to provide 100Gbps Optical and Ethernet services, will extend SSE Enterprise Telecoms reach to more than 90 data centres nationwide Four existing data centres have been upgraded to enable 100Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet services SSE…