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Telia Carrier expands number one ranked global backbone in Mexico

Telia Carrier announced this week that is has expanded its partnership with Neutral Networks in Mexico, adding a new point of presence (PoP) at the Pabellon M development in the city of Monterrey. The partnership will enhance Telia Carrier’s fiber backbone and connectivity in the city of Monterrey, with the possibility to connect with northern Mexico’s top markets and strategic business sectors including manufacturing, commerce and financial services.

“Our presence in Monterrey is part of Telia Carrier’s mission to extend our global network partnering with regional access providers to bring unique diversity and value to the market.  Working with Neutral Networks, a division of Even Group which is one of the most active infrastructure builders in the Mexican telecoms landscape, we strengthen our position to deliver connectivity and high-quality local access for growing regional industries.” said Luis Velasquez, Mexico business manager, Telia Carrier. 

Businesses in Monterrey can now take advantage of Telia Carrier’s number one ranked global backbone, AS1299, as well as the local availability of high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, DDoS Mitigation, Ethernet and IPX services for operators, content providers and enterprises alike. 

“We are pleased to be working with Telia Carrier to bring international connectivity to our home market of Monterrey, a region that represents one of the top areas for innovation potential in Mexico, with a combination of industrial and IT technology parks located in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, we are continuing to serve carriers that require diverse, reliable, high-speed fiber connectivity,” said Samir Kussaba, president and commercial director, Even Group.

Mexico is Latin America’s second largest economy and the eleventh-largest economy in the world. The city of Monterrey, located in the northern state of Nuevo León, is a multi-faceted industrial hub and home to many Mexican, US and international companies. Its strategic sectors include financial services, manufacturing, automotive and major universities. Monterrey-based Neutral Networks gives Telia Carrier a well-positioned regional partner with an infrastructure network and connectivity solutions, that penetrate the most important markets in Mexico.

Telia Carrier’s continued, organic expansion in the region provides a crucial backbone of services for a global ecosystem of major content and cloud and application providers that require low latency and high-speed connectivity. It provides a new and diverse network choice to address the local, in-market connectivity needs of regional content providers and enterprises.

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