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StormWall’s DDoS protection technologies have got a huge recognition in the Middle East

StormWall is a developer of cyberattack protection technologies who has been working on active international expansion for several years. Offering high-end anti-DDoS solutions, the company succeeded to achieve a broad acknowledgement on the Middle East market. In 2016 StormWall came to the Middle East market and only within five years have made a breakthrough establishing cooperation with many local telecommunication companies. The company managed to achieve a significant success in Iraq where it’s services are actively used by 14 leading ISPs and in Lebanon working with 15 large providers. StormWall is currently cooperating with a number of ISPs Bahrain as well. Our clients are such giants as EarthLink, Terranet, Kalaam Telecom and much more.

The issue of protecting against DDoS attacks is one of the most important for Internet providers in the Middle East since the cost of the Internet in the region is quite high. A single ISP can have a bandwidth from several hundred megabits to several gigabits per second, and any attack on the ISP or one of its customers can lead to serious network problems. The company managed to establish itself well in the Middle East due to a number of factors: high-quality filtering of incoming traffic, payment for only legitimate traffic, not for attacks, an unlimited number of protected resources (some companies have hundreds of thousands of IP addresses), 24/7 operational support, free DDoS sensor that automates the activation of protection. The success of StormWall in the Middle East confirms the general trend in the demand for high-quality security solutions in this market.

“We are incredibly excited about our achievements in the Middle East. In the near future we plan to further develop our international expansion. The company plans to enter the markets of the United States, Canada and Latin America.” said Ramil Khantimirov, the CEO and co-founder of StormWall.

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