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Psychologist reveals what your phone home screen reveals about your personality

It’s been revealed that how you organise your smartphone can say a lot about your personality, with the average phone having over 80 apps1. But what does the way you organise your home screen say about you? Experts at online smartphone retailer,, alongside Business Psychologist, Sonya Dineva, reveal what your home screen says about your personality: 1.       All your apps are in…

Mobile PhonesTelecoms News

Online mobile phone buying behaviour shifted significantly in 2020 – with big changes in online experience predicted for 2021

Online mobile phone buying behaviour shifted significantly in 2020 with consumers becoming less loyal and spending more time shopping around before purchase, according to analysis of 17M buying interactions across most major telco sites, by leading guided selling engine 15gifts….

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New 5G Smartphone Teardowns Confirm Benefits of Radio System Integration and Affirm mmWave Module Use in Ultra-Thin Foldable Designs

Global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research, using the teardown expertise of System Plus Consulting, unpacked two 5G smartphones to confirm that smartphone OEMs are extending fully integrated modem-RF system designs to support 5G and LTE implementations over their flagship devices….