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Your Co-op Mobile expands senior-focused mobile offering

Mobile network Your Co-op Mobile has expanded its senior-focused mobile offering to include four new easy-to-use devices from emporia. The network had already listed three emporia phones for over a year and is seeing strong growing sales across these devices. As such, it is expanding its assistive device range to include additional handsets which present full functionality with the barriers to adoption removed.

The new devices open up differing levels of functionality and assistance, meaning that older users have a broader selection of devices to choose from to suit their own specific needs. The new devices also use 4G networks, meaning they will not be affected by the upcoming switch-off of the UK’s 3G network.

The four new models are:

SUPER easy – the World’s easiest smartphone. This simplified device does not need a single swipe to operate – combining just one screen to scroll through and two physical keys for easy operation.

JOY – the perfect combination of an easy-to-use flip phone with a 2MP camera with 4G connectivity and VoLTE ready for great sound – presented in a matt black finish with silver edge detail.

TOUCH smart 2 – an updated version of emporia’s best-selling WhatsApp enabled device – a sleek flip phone offering interaction through both touchscreen and raised buttons.

SIMPLICITY – an easy-to-use candy bar handset in a slightly tapered form factor and soft touch finish for more confident handling with 4G and VoLTE ready.

Chris Millington, Managing Director at emporia UK comments: “Your Co-op Mobile is a trusted, community-focused brand and a really important strategic partner for us. Retailers are starting to acknowledge that not all seniors are the same and despite their age and technical ability, mobile technology and the internet can bring a vast array of opportunities to the daily lives of people in their retirement years.”

Jacci Marcus, Head of Commercial Operations for utility solutions at Your Co-op continues: “We’ve seen strong and steady interest in emporia’s easy-to-use devices and are confident that our expanded range will help to digitally connect more seniors, offering greater choice and good functionality.”



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