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EMnify launches eSIM for developers, kick-starting end-to-end IoT CPaaS development in minutes – instead of days

Leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT, EMnify, today announces the release of eSIM for evaluation customers, enabling IoT developers to sign up and develop with the EMnify API immediately, anywhere in the world. The eSIM lets users install EMnify’s global SIM profile on a compatible device in seconds without having to order and swap physical SIM cards. With the eSIM option, EMnify aims to speed up time-to-market of IoT projects and make life easier for developers.

Until today, IoT developers could sign up on the EMnify platform and order a free evaluation package with IoT SIM cards and a prepaid balance to try out network services and all available platform features for 60 days.

Leveraging 10T Tech’s eSIM Cloud Solution for remote SIM provisioning, EMnify’s eSIM now provides a new option to download an EMnify subscription profile over the air on a supported device, to significantly simplify and shorten the process. eUICC has been at the cutting edge of SIM technology, giving users the flexibility to easily activate and switch between different SIM profiles as needed.

The combination of eSIM technology and EMnify’s global cellular coverage allows IoT developers to:

  1. Bypass the shipping fees and delivery time of the physical SIMs.
  2. Immediately access and explore all EMnify platform functionalities including Cloud Connect, Data Streamer, and OpenVPN, at no cost.

Knud Kegel, VP of Product at EMnify, explains: “User experience is at the core of our product. EMnify constantly strives to make it as easy, fast, and seamless as possible for IoT developers to get started with our platform and APIs. The eSIM speaks to the self-service capability of the EMnify cloud platform. Until now, SIM cards have been the only non-cloud-native component in our offering. Now, with the eSIM, we give developers the opportunity to kick-start their projects in minutes.”

Fredric Liljestroem, CEO at 10T Tech added: “We’re very excited to be working with EMnify to make the world more accessible through eSIM connectivity”.

The eSIM profile can be downloaded on the latest eSIM-compatible devices – by scanning a QR code delivered on the web portal after sign-up. Users then have all platform services at their disposal for a 60-day trial period or until the prepaid balance has been used up.

With the vision to transform complex cellular connectivity into an easy-to-consume cloud offering, EMnify provides powerful APIs and robust services that enable low-code integrations and let IoT developers easily automate their operational processes and workflows. To download the eSIM and start developing with the EMnify platform, go to:


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