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giffgaff announces a goodybag refresh with more data for members at no extra cost

This summer, giffgaff is giving its members a little bit extra when it comes to data, so you can stay connected while you’re out and about. Launching on 16th June, a selection of existing goodybags will have extra data added to them, and members won’t have to do a thing to take advantage of the allowances.

As part of this refresh, the existing £10 goodybag will grow from 6GB to 8GB and the £12 goodybag will grow from 10GB to a whopping 12GB, all at no extra cost. As well as this, the £10 golden goodybag will increase from 9GB to 10GB, meaning members can get more for their money this summer. Earlier this year, the £8 goodybag also grew from 2GB to 3GB (giving 50% more data), as well as allowing for unlimited UK calls and texts.

Any member currently on one of these goodybags won’t need to do anything to take advantage of the new allowances – their next goodybag after this date will have the extra data added automatically. Nothing else is changing, so members will still be able to use all their unlimited minutes and texts like before. Plus, all of these goodybags will still come with the extra 1GB if members run out, so you’ll never be caught short whilst out and about.

Members and non members can purchase goodybags here.

For further information, giffgaff standard terms and conditions and the golden goodybag specific terms can be found online here.


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