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STL launches 5G & WiFi6 ready, cloud-native software portfolio to enable telco’s shift to ‘XaaS’ models

STL, an industry-leading integrator of digital networks, today launched an all-new Network Software portfolio – NSW 2.0. This new generation of software solution offers a multi-tenant, cloud-native, microservices-based architecture and hyper-scaler certified approach that will enable telcos to leapfrog towards the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) economy.

The telecom industry is at an inflection point and witnessing a fundamental shift to flexible consumption and pay-as-you-go models. There is also a need to unlock new revenue streams and scale infrastructures and adopt agile business models. A report from TM Forum suggests that around 72% of 5G revenue growth depends on the transformation of OSS/BSS. But the shift to the more flexible XaaS model is constrained by data security, integration complexity and costs. STL’s NSW 2.0 portfolio enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to capitalise on the rapid evolution of open architectures, 5G, WiFi 6, cloud models and platforms.

With this next-gen portfolio now in place, CSPs can gain the ability to scale with reduced CapEx and faster time-to-market. It will also accelerate their transition to open and cloud-native platforms and make the digital renaissance simpler and faster. This innovation is enabled by STL’s deep telco tribal knowledge both in software development capability and mission-critical deployments. STL’s NSW2.0 portfolio supports multi-vendor plug-and-play components using a standardised TM-Forum compliant API suite. This comprises Digital+, API-first, Cloud-Native and Pro-Edge to help digital service providers monetise 5G, WiFi 6, platformification, along with seamless Business As Usual functions.

Talking about the latest portfolio, Saikat Mitra, COO – Network Software, said, “For communication and digital service providers, we have designed everything stack for Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) economy with our new STL NSW 2.0 portfolio. With this portfolio, I am confident that CSPs would be able to leverage our enhanced portfolio that is using state-of-the-art technology and architecture. Accelerating 5G monetisation for CSPs requires an evolution of BSS/OSS, and we are already 5G ready!”


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