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TalkTalk teams up with eero to offer Amazon’s award-winning mesh Wi-Fi systems to customers as standard

 TalkTalk has announced it has teamed up with eero, an Amazon company, to offer the award winning eero 6 and eero Pro 6 mesh routers to its full fibre customers as standard – making it the first major ISP offering revolutionary Wi-Fi 6 router technology in the UK.

eero works hand in hand with TalkTalk’s Future Fibre and uses powerful Wi-Fi 6 technology to support TalkTalk’s superior speeds, and boost efficiency to extend Wi-Fi signal across the entire home. 

eero 6 is designed with a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 system for homes with up to 500Mbps internet connections, while eero Pro 6 has a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 system, which supports up to 1Gb (1000 Mbps) internet connections. Both mesh routers are optimised for TalkTalk’s network and UK homes for superior connectivity and enable you to connect 75+ devices simultaneously.[1]

With TalkTalk’s full fibre connectivity and eero 6 and eero Pro 6 mesh routers, customers will have access to the future of home Wi-Fi, so they can continue to demand the most from their connection – without having to worry about usage caps, restrictions or Wi-Fi blank spots.

Key eero features available to TalkTalk Future Fibre customers:

  • eero mobile app enables easy set-up, as well as network management and fault diagnostics, giving customers more control and visibility of their home network performance, integrated with TalkTalk Customer Support.
  • eero Secure comes as standard. eero Secure is an online security service that helps to block malware, spyware, phishing, and other malicious threats from downloading to customers’ devices, all while improving load times for ad-heavy sites. Plus, with advanced parental controls, customers can easily block websites for family-safe browsing, streaming, and social media use.
  • Built-in Zigbee smart home hub (Amazon account linking required), providing a seamless connection to Zigbee-enabled smart devices such as light bulbs, door locks, switches, plugs, and sensors without the need for a separate hub.
  • Additional eero units can be purchased to create a mesh network, providing whole-home coverage and tackling Wi-Fi blank spots.
  • Elegant design that fits perfectly into the decor of any home.

Tristia Harrison, CEO of TalkTalk, said: “We always strive to offer our customers the latest technology, superior speeds, and reliable performance at an affordable price. Coupled with our ambitious and accelerated full fibre roll out, our new relationship with Amazon’s eero is helping to make next generation home Wi-Fi a reality. As the first major ISP in the UK to offer eero to its customers we are excited to be at the forefront of making the UK’s leading fibre and Wi-Fi technology affordable for everyone.”

Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero, said: “Working together with TalkTalk, we believe we can deliver an amazing home Wi-Fi experience designed for all kinds of uses including working from home, helping kids with online learning, keeping in touch with friends and family, streaming 4K content, and online HD gaming — all at the same time.”

As part of a phased roll-out, eero 6 will be included as the standard mesh router** for customers on TalkTalk’s Future Fibre 150 plan and eero Pro 6 for Future Fibre 500 customers. Customers will also benefit from speeds up to 1Gb supported by eero Pro 6 when TalkTalk launches gigabit capable Future Fibre this Autumn.

For customers needing extra coverage from today you will be able order extra eero devices to create a mesh network from £89 (RRP £139).

And from September, there will be a pay monthly option for extra eero devices – with up to two additional eeros for just £6 per month. 

For more information about TalkTalk plans with eero 6 and eero Pro 6 visit:

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