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Veego to Show Subscriber Internet Experience Solutions at Total Telecom Congress 2022

Veego Will Demonstrate Its Seamless Subscriber Internet Experience Solutions at Total Telecom Congress 2022

 Breakthrough technology delivers deep understanding of connected homes for holistic and personalized care


Veego Software, a cutting-edge, decision intelligence company that endows Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with customer care automation and perfection of the internet user experience will demonstrate its connected-home Customer Care and Experience optimization platform at Total Telecom Congress (TTC) in London, November 1-2 in Booth 34.

Global Telecoms Reimagined, the theme of this year’s Total Telecom Congress, will bring together the senior leaders who shape the future of the global telecoms market. The event will focus on the key strategic priorities which are being discussed in telco boardrooms around the world.

At the Congress, Veego will demonstrate its AI-powered suite of holistic and personalized connected-home experience and care solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Veego Care enlists AI to boost the effectiveness of reactive care. It scores the quality of every internet session in real time, detecting problems that reduce the score, then performing root-cause analysis that uniquely pinpoints the source of problems anywhere along the internet service delivery chain within the home (device, WiFi, CPE) or beyond (last mile, WAN, cloud service). It resolves problems directly and whenever possible or passes on its analysis and step-by-step resolution recommendations to CSP Customer Care, enabling any CSR to react quickly and precisely to support calls.

Veego Engage elevates customer care by collecting and correlating internet usage and performance data over time and delivering illuminating insights that enable proactive initiatives, such as discovering and addressing common problems that cause certain homes to suffer before they churn. CSP departments such as Marketing, Engineering, and Product, can quickly filter and analyze any segment of the subscriber population over any time period, address issues, such as network performance and the onboarding process, receive effective recommendations for new initiatives, and measure the results.

Veego Active puts the power of self-care into the hands of the subscribers, helping them understand and address many of their own internet problems, thereby deflecting numerous calls to Customer Care, a sore point for CSPs and subscribers alike. Easy-to-understand instructions for experience improvement and resolution of certain problems are delivered to user smartphones. Veego Active also educates users of every level with level-appropriate, on-demand tutorials and a smartphone-resident internet knowledge library.

“As the theme of TTC states, telcos have to reimagine their future. Seamless subscriber internet experience and minimal friction with traditional Customer Care is crucial now. Veego enables CSPs not only to react speedily and effectively to home-internet problems, but also to anticipate and address them proactively,” said Amir Kotler, CEO of Veego Software. “The key is to apply artificial intelligence, data-driven insights, and a heavy dose of automation to keep each user happy with the service at all times.”

In addition to demonstrating its powerful solutions, Veego’s VP of Engineering, Ruthy Zaphir, will be speaking on “How 5G Fixed Wireless Impacts Home Internet Service” on 2 November at 12:10 pm. Telecom leaders will learn how Veego turns every home router into a sophisticated 5G signal probe, far surpassing the capabilities of drive tests.


About Veego Software

Veego is a cutting-edge, decision intelligence company that endows Communication Service Providers with vision and understanding across the entire Internet Service Delivery Chain. It automatically detects devices as they connect and apps as they are consumed, and captures millions of real-time data points concerning behavior, usage, performance, and more. Veego uniquely measures the quality of experience of every internet session according to its unique signature: the combination of devices and apps in use and the current condition of all the components of internet service delivery.  Veego is able to deliver to CSPs a true reflection of how each user actually feels about the internet service at every moment. Furthermore, CSPs are able to address problems reactively and proactively – both within and beyond the home – that plague their users, delivering a seamless internet experience at all times.


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