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Children’s anti-smartphone innovators announce EE partnership

Angel Watch unveils plans to introduce glucose reading technology 

Angel Watch, a cellular GPS smartwatch which enables parents to monitor and communicate with their children, has announced a partnership with national mobile network operator EE as it aims to grow its UK market share.

Angel Watch delivers effective technology safely and without compromise to parents of 5 – 11-year-old children. The brand was created as a smartphone alternative enabling parents to safely maintain communication with their children through cellular phone access without exposing them to social media and other third-party apps which can be distracting and harmful. Through its free app, mums and dads can also keep track of their child’s location and access key health and wellbeing data. 

The company has also announced that it will soon include blood sugar reading technology within its products making Angel Watch the first known device that allows parents to continuously monitor their child’s glucose levels remotely with a UK patent pending.

While based in the UK, Angel Watch initially launched in the US market in 2020 where it has developed revenue streams through its partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile through monthly subscriptions. Without any external investment to date, the brand is now generating over $1m in annual revenues which it intends to grow significantly with child smartwatch market forecast to increase to $4.27bn by 2030. 

Through the EE partnership, UK-based parents whose children use Angel Watch will benefit from reliable cellular network access to allow video and audio calls as well as location tracking capabilities. 

Founder – Alexander Clavel

Angel Watch was set up by Alexander Clavel, a UK-based serial entrepreneur behind popular pet accessory company Taylor & Tink and Panifico Restaurants, a well-known collection of coffee shops operating successfully for 10 years which he founded in the United Arab Emirates. 

The Angel Watch senior management team operates in the UK with its customer service team based in Guadalajara, Mexico. They have assisted with over 20,000 queries with a store rating of 4.7* rating.  The company’s advisers include financial strategist Nyall Jacobs, a partner at CWD Dynamic Accounting, and James Peterson, a medtech sector expert who was the former CEO at the New York Stock Exchange-listed Haemonetics Corp. 

Alex Clavel, CEO of Angel Watch, said: “Our partnership with EE will support the roll-out of our brand across the UK where over 50% of children under seven now own their own smartphone.  We have developed a unique and competitively priced alternative which offers parents total peace of mind and enables them to know where their child is. It provides the lifeline of communication, but without exposing children to the dangers or distractions that come with a smartphone, social media, internet browsing and other third-party apps.

“New emerging innovations, including our glucose reading technology, will help Angel Watch further grow its global share of a multi-billion-pound market and establish our product as the definitive solution.  We want parents to think: “Angel Watch now; smartphone later.”   


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