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Vodacom Congo celebrates its 21st anniversary and crosses the milestone of 21 million subscribers!

On Tuesday, May 02nd, 2023, Vodacom Congo celebrated its 21 years of operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). On this occasion, Vodacom Congo, the Congolese network of choice is pleased to announce that it has reached the historic milestone of 21 million subscribers.

Indeed, over the years, Vodacom Congo has built a modern and dense network that has allowed the company to maintain its leadership position (first network to launch 2G, 3G and 4G- LTE) as well as lead-network in innovative products and services within the mobile telephony space.

Committed to its vision of connecting communities for a better future through a wide range of innovations, Vodacom Congo has constantly reinvented itself, providing solutions that respond to the growing demands of Congolese in search for economic and social fulfillment.

Employer of choice for the 7th consecutive year, Vodacom Congo has implemented several social welfare policies aimed at providing its employees with an ideal working environment both in the field of capacity building as well as  in terms of social benefits for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

While operating in a constantly evolving environment, Vodacom Congo remains young and “in tune” with expectations of Congolese youth, thanks to its infrastructure, its dedicated offers, but also the human capital that drives the company.

Indeed, with a total investment of more than 1.7 billion USD since 2002, Vodacom Congo has kept the Congolese people at the heart of its strategic choices; by connecting communities, contributing to inclusion for all, and particularly financial inclusion through M-PESA in a country where the banking penetration rate remains relatively low. Further, Vodacom Congo has managed to deploy its network to the most remote areas in the DRC, mostly through the use of green technology which has enabled accelerated deployment of  nearly 1,000 rural sites that rely solely on solar energy.

Top on the list of its biggest innovations we have:

  • M-Pesa Rallonge: an overdraft service allowing users to borrow money in order to complete their transaction. Launched in 2022, the service has already met the needs of more than 2 million customers to date;
  • The smart phone lay-by offer « Smartphone à Crédit », that contributes to bridging the digital devide, giving customers the opportunity to purchase a brand new smartphone on a lay-by basis that allows several settlements over 12 months by M-Pesa;
  • M-Pesa bureau de change: a timely innovation in light of the dual currency economy in DRC and which allows one to carry out foreign exchange transactions from the convenience of their phone;
  • M-Pesa Mikili: an auspicious innovation that allows one to receive money from abroad directly into their mobile wallet.

To accelerate the adoption of these innovations, it was imperious to put a particular emphasis on the digitization of utility services, namely the purchase of communication airtime or internet bundles, the purchase of fuel, the renewal of paid TV channels , several integrations with banks, payment of water and electricity bills, as well as E-commerce settlements via M-Pesa.

Many SMEs/SMIs, that represent an important business share of the Congolese economy, have been able to achieve their visions and dreams relying on the wide range of Vodacom Enterprise solutions.

The Youths that holds the future of the country, remain at the center of Vodacom Congo’s commitments, and it is in this sense that the Company has relentlessly invested in the development of young talents, promoting a conducive environment to their development, both within the company, as well as externally through for instance “ Best of the Best” raising talent program or in collaboration with digital skills learning institutions such as Kinshasa Digital Academy  (KADEA).

As a responsible corporate player, Vodacom contributes, through its Foundation, to education, health and well-being through platforms such as VODACOM EXETAT (first service for digitized state exam results), VODAEDUC (free education portal), ConnectU (free information portal related to health, education and sport), the installation of digital classes across the Republic and “Je suis Cap” ( that stands for I am capable – a Vodacom Foundation project launched in collaboration with VISA, aiming at the empowering and  driving social rehabilitation of women living with disabilities) etc.

Vodacom Congo takes this opportunity to express its profound gratitude to all its partners (its customers, its suppliers, its distributors, as well as the Congolese Government) who have contributed to its success in the DRC.

Step by step, day after day, remaining closer and at your service, Vodacom Congo will stay present and support your aspirations, bringing to life Congolese’s profound dreams, for an even stronger, united and better-connected Congo.

Together, we can!

Lisa Baker is Group Editor for the Need to See IT Publishing Group. Lisa writes about HR, Technology, Health, the Environment and Business.
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